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  1. eight-legs

    Gijinkas & Mermaids (starting at $5)

    hello !! i have some adopts for sale and i thought that i'd share them here as well ;w; if buying, please comment on the links and not here please ! you can find them here : www.furaffinity.net: Ghost Gijinka Adopts : OPEN 4/6 by eight-legs www.furaffinity.net: $5 Mermay Batch : OPEN 11/30 by...
  2. zobielle

    Cafe Maids Adopts! 8/8 OPEN!

    I made some cute little Cafe Maid adoptables. Each of them also have back references and face, mouth/nose, and paw references (if needed!). You can comment on the post here or in this thread: www.furaffinity.net: Cafe Maids! 8/8 OPEN! by zovielle
  3. L

    fairly new artist looking for watchers

    Hi everyone^^ I've been lurking for a while and decided it wouldn't hurt to say hi and drop some art. I draw mostly NSFW art of ladies. I think I'm slowly improving and I only draw what I enjoy but my page is pretty much invisible (probably because I'm so shy). though try not to get discouraged...
  4. furrylover1910

    Idea for erotic furry comic/graphic novel

    I have this idea for an erotic comic/graphic novel. It's about a male human called The Furry Casanova. He can shrink himself to make love with the smallest female animals/furries and grow bigger to make love to the biggest female animals/furries. Possible titles: - Furry Casanova does the...
  5. whim-sy

    Cheap Adopts Under $9

    These are a closed-species known as Kuyils and species info can be found below on DA: Kuyils on DeviantArt They can each be bought for $7! All of them can be given eyes and genders can be changed.