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  1. V

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    Hello! I'm Vanily and i'm new into the furry community but been drawing furry characters for years and would like to practice drawing more species and cute sonas since cute stuff is the best i can draw so, if you are interested contact me! (SFW only, for now!) I'll leave here an example of how...
  2. 2a03fox

    guess who's back? (some shit musician no one remembers! :D)

    like the title says, I've used these forums before, but way too long ago to still have access to that email and such. my name is ash, and I write nerd music (mostly gameboy and s3xmodit). I'm nonbinary, neutrois specifically, and they/them or she/her is chill. I'll be looking forward to making...
  3. Lezio Fennec


    Hey everyone! My name is Lezio, I'm a male (he/him), 20 yrs old, and happily taken. My 'sona is a fennec fox (named Lezio) and hes the main source of my personality, but I'm in the midst of finding a character to match the other part of me (If you have any free/easily obtainable characters or...
  4. Akinyi

    Girl Love Furry Comic: Ample Time

    Hi everyone I'm writing/drawing a furry webcomic which is now over 50 pages in and still going once per week. It's updated every Saturday at 3pm UK time. It centres around a socially awkward fennec fox girl who's studying psychology and loves gaming. She meets a beautiful and curvy civet who...
  5. impendingsenseofdoom

    Adoptables for Sale!

    Here are a couple of adoptables I'm selling Each adoptable will cost $15 for the basic character (this includes a gif and jpg file) For $20, you'll get the adoptable as well as a sketchdump. If you choose the $20 option, I'll send you a note and you'll be able to choose whether you want a...
  6. AlleycatIrony

    Adoptables + Free Ref Sheet

    hey y'all so i drew up these two babies and one's a fennec who's always sleepy and hates his job, and the other is an owl who lives in and is styled after a coconut tree! fennec boy is $20 and owl girl is $25, both come w/ these as free refs (in AUD) contact me on FA if you're interested...
  7. Akinyi

    New Girl Romance Furry Comic

    I'm releasing a new comic called 'Ample Time' about two girls in a college setting. It's available for free on my patreon and Tapastic! Follow me on patreon to see it as it comes out. Ample Time Front | e Pon on Patreon Ample Time | Tapas
  8. rmt3589

    Turban for Fennec Fox

    So I've been working on a fursona for my little Fennec Fox stuffed animal (forewarning, this probably sounds like an insane thing to do, but I've seen people make fursonas for their trucks, so don't cast the stone). On his FFXIV character, he got a turban and I think it looks adorable, so I was...
  9. AriesHausdorff

    Chapter 1 of "The Children of Earth" finished... Proofreaders please?

    The first book of my "Welcome to Valhalla" Series reached a milestone: Chapter 1 is done. You find it here: http://aries.homeftp.net/publish/welcome_to_valhalla/wtv-texts/files/The_children_of_Earth.pdf Any feedback, aside of the already reported Doorknobbing issue in 1.1. is dearly welcome -...
  10. Luku_Zuku

    The Start of a new Fur

    Hey, so, I'm really new to the fandom, and there's no time like the present to get started on my first fursona. Please please please let me know what possible things I could think about changing. Name: Luku Zuku Age: 19 Sex: Male Species: Fennec Fox Height: 6'5" Weight: about 160 pounds...