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feral adopt

  1. Wickedtwister


    Hello!! I need to get rid of some characters ASAP. I don't want them anymore and I need them GONE! I am only looking for money offers HOWEVER, I will consider character trades if they're the following: •HQ characters/Designs •Closed Species •Any characters that are in my favorites...
  2. linbadyss

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: CAT Feral Adopts! ($20USD+)

    Hello! Contact: -Furaffinity INBOX -Mail: linbadyss@gmail.com #1 -SB $20USD -AB $50USD -MIN. $15USD #2 -SB $20USD -AB $50USD -MIN. $15USD #3 -SB $20USD -AB $50USD -MIN. $15USD #4 -SB $20USD -AB $50USD -MIN. $15USD #5 -SB $20USD -AB $50USD -MIN. $15USD #CUSTOM -Choose a color palette or...
  3. morgalee

    Character for Sale - $5-$10 range

    Welcome! I will be updating with new ones! Selling this girl for 5$ (OPEN) comes with 1 art piece made by me! Design: By me Lineart: @/albatraoozz on DA
  4. Drenniethes


    hey steam summer sale is coming so i need some money to spend i'd like to offer you some of my artwork. highest ab is $50 so i think it doesn't cost very much, especially compared to other artists' ychs www.furaffinity.net: PINK SOFA YCH OPEN by Drenniethes www.furaffinity.net: UNLIMITED YOUR...
  5. blitzkri3g

    ☀Feral Adopt!☀

    ✃✃✃ ღ I have this gal up for adoption. ღ ღ She is $50 USD, but I am willing to haggle! ღ ღ Comment below if you want her. This is the only piece of art that comes with her- her name and other art is all you! ღ ✦ PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY. Information will be given upon official adopt. ✦ ✪ DO NOT...