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feral allowed

  1. fenchfletcher

    Request: Wanna draw my characters?

    I have several characters, and some of them have no art yet. I'm looking for both sfw and nsfw. I really like vore, but I'm not too picky. If you want to make nsfw art, please ask me about nsfw specifics, since I don't have those details listed in my character descriptions. I have all sorts of...
  2. Jessica Montana

    Shaded Coms starting at $15

    Open for a few commission spots. I work best with Felines/K9s/Avians/Rodents BUT I will try my hand at anything once. You don't have to read over everything in my ToS/Hours/ect info but please at least give it a quick skim. It has the ToS its self, the rewards program i offer, what I will not...
  3. VrasXaalka

    Art Trade: Art / Custom Trades (Unlimited Slots)

    Samples I'm looking for art of multiple of my characters, they should all be in this tag. I can offer anything you see in my gallery, including anything listed on my commissions page. This means ref sheets, sketch pages, fullbodies, etc. I can also offer characters as well. I can work with some...
  4. Jessica Montana

    Cheap-ish refsheets! starting at $25 !

    I firmly believe ref sheets are a necessity as 9 times out of 10 you need one to commission someone, which is why I don't believe in charging out the butt for them. I offer 2 different types of ref sheets starting at $25 Moderate: $ 25 2 full body views( front,back,side) 2 close ups 2 favorite...
  5. mireu

    mireu commissions ($6+)

    CAN DO: -human characters -humanoid characters -anthro characters -feral characters -slight gore WILL NOT DO: -nsfw -heavy gore email me at sorrowfulspaceship@gmail if you're interested! payment is through paypal - i will send you an invoice. for other types and examples check out here!
  6. Imaranx

    ☠ No fetish limits! ☠

    COMMISSIONS OPEN! NO FETISH / KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! (Me and my wife are not for NSFW pics!!) I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. Art is made traditional...
  7. gentlekettle

    Freeprice ink commissions

    Hello! Have you ever wanted your fursona/character/fave animal portrait drawn in the oldtimey adventure/biology book style? Well, look no further, because i've got you. I'm offering black&white (optional color accents) ink commissions, it's pay-what-you-want (starting at $5 as per the forum...
  8. silicahowl

    SELLING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS (5/5 available)

    OFFERING CUSTOM HEADSHOTS sfw only most comfortable with canines/felines (or similar) hybrids/complex characters welcome! lined: $20 painted: $50 white background is default for a painted headshot while i get used to csp. transparent bg is available for +$5 ! taking 5 slots to begin...
  9. Jellybeanlies-Studios

    August commissions are open

    August commission are OPEN! TOS If you have any questions, please feel free to note me. 10 slots open for now. I am starting up out of stream commissions again. All you have to do is note me the form below filled out, and I will give you the payment details via a reply along with an...