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feral art

  1. jellykiwi

    ⟡ jellykiwi's commissions ⟡ { open, starting at $5!! }

    hey everyone!! I've recently run into some issues with rent, so I've decided to open commissions to help earn the money back!! anything helps ;; prices & details can be found in my commission info doc here are some recent examples of my work:
  2. CarouselSluts

    Group YCH - Loyal Servants - NSFW

    Hey all! Check out this group YCH I just made :) If you like ferals, feet, and worship, I think it is for you~ www.furaffinity.net: [ YCH - OPEN ] Good Servants by CarouselSluts 6 Slots total, each slot is $30.00 usd Examples of my work:
  3. Stormwhiskers

    Digital Commissions ($5-$50)

    New and updated commission store! General Info * Payment through Paypal in USD *SFW * I will draw human/anthro/feral/taur *I will draw fanart * All commissions will come with both flat and transparent background versions *I will draw different ages and body types, though not massively...
  4. CockroachCreations

    10$ Custom Feral Character Designs

    Hey there! I'm offering 10$ Character designs I Specialize in Dragons, Dinosaurs, Avians, Reptiles, Horses, and Canines Although I will attempt most other species like felines and other Exotics- Please just ask if you'd like to know if I can do a species I cannot Do NSFW but Am fine with gore...
  5. Serenciel

    Feral fluffdragon needs a commission or two!

    Hiya! I'm looking for some art of my dragonsona. I'm expecting to commission an icon, but if I see some samples I really like, I might go for something bigger. I'm looking to spend maybe $10 - $20 for an icon. For others, I'd have to check prices and offerings to see what sounded good. Don't let...
  6. OpalescentConfetti

    Pay What You Want Commissions{Open}

    I will be doing pay what you want commissions until I reach my Goal of 40$ USD The lowest you can offer is 5$ USD . I have the right to reject a Commission based on the amount you offer, but it is unlikely to happen unless you are asking for something super complex for 5$. Examples of my work...
  7. Kanshin

    Seeking artist for feral Tibetan fox

    For $50 after PayPal takes their cut (that is $50 plus some percentage): Can someone give me a feral Tibetan fox, full body or pretty much full body. The tail is on the left and the head on the right, as in the attached file, with the face looking at me. Not moving but standing still. I'm...
  8. xX-Nix-Xx

    Pixel Doll Commissions - 2 Slots Open

    Hey guys! Just taking two slots for a pixel doll commission like the one above! At the moment I'm only doing feral characters. Each one is $20 usd. SLOTS 1. OPEN 2. OPEN (While the art above was done by me, the character belongs to fleekd on Deviantart)
  9. Fluorite

    Fluorite Commission Info

    Limited Avatar and Icon Commissions [OPEN] I accept haggles! Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning me! ~ * * * * * * * ~ Payment PayPal: Sparkledoggie Pay BEFORE I start. ~ * * * * * * * ~ Slots 1.) 2.) 3.) ~ * * * * * * * ~ ✎ 50x50 Pixel Icon [$5.00] Buy two get one 50%...
  10. BananaLizard

    Feral Art from BananaLizard

    Welcome! I'm guessing if you are here, you're interested in what I can do~ Awesome. I've got it relatively organized, so please read through at your leisure~ [About Me and How I Work] I am a self-taught artist. I didn't take any classes (save for one "digital imaging class" in high school in...
  11. BananaLizard

    Question on Feral Art and the Community

    So, I had initially joined here a while back as someone had suggested I look here for commission work. At the time, I wasn't particularly confident in my artistic skills and the fact that everywhere I looked was anthro/humanoid/non-feral artwork/Commission requests, I got discouraged. I think I...