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feral commissions

  1. kekreationsart

    (Commission) Selling: Character Commissions -- Ferals and humanoids

    Hi guys! So I finally got all my commission info finalized and setup! You can check my new commission sheet, commission page on here, or see a full rundown of prices and examples on my main site Here Basic prices are. Feel free to comment below or note me if interested, or email me at Kirsten...
  2. Levi_KAZ

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions [SFW/NSFW] [OPEN]

    The base price is €70 for feral and €80 for anthro, for which you get two fullbody images of your character (back and front OR both sides) and a headshot. Color palette and info are ALWAYS included IF person so desired! You can request transparent or single-color/texture/gradient background...
  3. Hiero-X

    (Commission) Selling: Feral Canine Art and Badge Commissions.

    I finally have set prices that I find reasonable so I'd like to share my art with anyone who is interested! As of right now I'm just a feral artist but I have been slowly working on my anthro and hope to be able to take on the full form in a commission eventually. (Hands are critical damage...
  4. VincentTheServal

    (Commission) Selling: PRICE CUT [UNLTD SLOTS] (5-90+USD)

    Hello y'all! It is me, your friendly neighborhood serval, Vincent! I'm in need of money to support my type 1 diabetes insulin dependency as well as to feed myself, because I'm not in a stable situation, so I'd appreciate if you at least checked out my shop! Even if you don't buy anything, I...
  5. Awushka

    (Commission) Selling: 15$+ Anthro ♥ Feral ♥ Animalart | fullbody | character reference sheets avaible!

    Hi! I’m not a furry but I really enjoy drawing fantasy creatures and animals and I was wondering if anyone here would like to commission me ^^ I saw a lot of awsome and crazy ideas here and it’s so inspiring! ♥ For now I can draw for you: Coloured sketch 15 USD simplified style, sketchy lines...
  6. asteridae

    (Commission) Selling: £20 Feral commissions + more

    Yo! So recently I ended up in hospital with chest pains after a suspected pulmonary embolism. Unfortunately I’m still undergoing tests and I’ve had to give up my job because of it. I’m struggling to live rn so I’ve had to increase the prices of my commissions. SFW ONLY PRICES IN GBP Prices...
  7. ketchupwithme

    feral commissions sfw open ($7-$15) headshot, fullbody

    Hi! You can call me Ketchup. I am a SFW digital artist (and new to this site!) opening up commissions for flatcolor feral headshots and fullbodies! This is my fulltime job for the summer so commissions will generally be completed within a week of confirmation. Below is my commission sheet...
  8. WorldofValdis

    (Commission) Selling: △Valdis's Commissions△|$7-$30

    Hi! I'm Valdis and I'm your typical starving artist so I've decide to open up for commissions! Unfortunately I don't have many examples for furry characters at the moment since I'm fairly new to the community but I am experienced in drawing reptilian characters. △Rules△ At least half of...
  9. Jessica Montana

    Telegram stickers! Save when you bundle!

    Why pay an arm and a leg for a single telegram sticker when you can save by buying a bundle? Simply pick how many of each sticker option you want(listed below and you'll get a bundle discount based on how many stickers you order. Sticker options: Heads: $5 Waist ups: $6 Full bodies: $7 you + a...
  10. dunspork

    2019 commissions open!

    Hi! I'm Chris, or Dunspork. Here are my prices. Rules: I will draw: furries (feral/anthro), ponies, fanart, gore, slight nsfw I will not draw: graphic sexual content, hate art, fetish art I have the right to say no to any commission, but you can always ask if you aren't sure. i only accept USD...
  11. tfotr

    High quality Kemono commissions open!

    Wanted to try my hand at commissions here! Monochrome Sketch Bust: $ 20 Waistup: $30 Fullbody: $60 Celllshade Bust: $30 Chibi: $30 Waistup: $50 Fullbody: $80 Softshade Bust: $50 Waistup: $70 Fullbody: $100 Reference Sheet Flats: $50-$100 Shaded: +$20...
  12. questly

    NSFW Artist Specializing in Ferals of ANY Species - $50+ FAST TURNAROUND

    Terms of Service (TOS) with all relevant information. docs.google.com: Questly’s Terms of Service and Information My FA profile page: furaffinity.net/user/questly I will draw and paint a single character in a style like this for $50: www.furaffinity.net: golden eagle by Questly/...
  13. Snowflake_theFox

    Commissions are OPEN!! $5 USD and more!!

    :cool: Welcome to my post! :cool: Today, I offer you a long variety of commissions: linearts, headshots, halfbodies, fullbodies, badges, reference sheets, icons and more! You can check my prices HERE ($5 USD and +) I can draw: furries/anthros and ferals. Fanarts or original creations. Just...
  14. jellykiwi

    ⟡ jellykiwi's commissions ⟡ { open, starting at $5!! }

    hey everyone!! I've recently run into some issues with rent, so I've decided to open commissions to help earn the money back!! anything helps ;; prices & details can be found in my commission info doc here are some recent examples of my work: