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fetish allowed

  1. InfernalTanuki

    (Commission) Selling: Name your price

    Looking to make some money, I do name your own price submissions based on what we agree upon and what you're willing to pay me. My gallery can be found on my 18+ only Twitter (message me for a link) But here are some examples
  2. BurgerDragon

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Quality sketch commission! SFW/NSFW | Only 2/3 slots!

    Hey hey! I want to offer you a commission sketch. It can be absolutely any anthro race, shape and gender, the background is free! More information here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46125910/ Examples of NSFW artwork | Examples of artwork with anthro
  3. Lady.Salazar

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are OPEN! ($20+)

    Hello everyone, I am open for commissions. Trying this again with cheaper prices. GALLERY HERE (WARNING: NSFW) I will not draw for minors. You must be 18+ to order from me. Thank you.
  4. countingtides

    (Commission) Selling: - Anything Goes Commission Sale! SFW/NSFW - Kink - Chibi - Ref Sheets - $15+

    Hi friends! I'm super new to forums (since they've returned) and thought I'd hop back on with a commission sale! I'm really in the mood to stretch my limits and delve into new stuff, so I'm opening up a sale for commissions wherein anything goes! I'm willing to draw anything (that doesn't...
  5. BlackDragonAJ89

    (Commission) Selling: Artie's Commissions ($10-$40+)

    Obviously I can draw stuff. I figured since that I want a little extra money and to help expand beyond just my own work, I'd do commissions. I currently have 5 slots open. Once those are filled, I close up and finish the work. Once those are done, I open them back up again. It's pretty simple...
  6. Reika

    Reika's open 4 comz~! B/W headshot sketches @ 21.50usd :O <33

    H0i!!! I'm moving and need some serious $$$ to get me thru Anything goes basically UWU would love to do a sketch 4 u!!! Fast turn around time!! -any species -any expression -nsfw (ahegao etc) -speech bubbles -mood auras -fetish *PLUS!* -upgradable lineart/color @ discount post move -15%...
  7. morbid-cutie

    (Commission) Selling: ($5-10 Baseline) COMMISSIONS - SPECIAL FETISH DISCOUNT!

    www.furaffinity.net: Commission Information - SPECIAL FETISH DISCOUNT! (PayPal) -- morbid-cutie's Journal Userpage of morbid-cutie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Artwork Gallery for morbid-cutie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net PRICES - (Comes with Colour at no extra charge) Headshot/Bust - $5 Halfbody -...
  8. RJG

    (Commission) Selling: RJ's Arts

    ALL PRICES YOU SEE HERE ARE NOW HALF OFF!!! COINS=USD I Will be posting all my newer stuff in the comments! DM me if ya'd like, I'm open to draw anything (NSFW included)
  9. Imaranx

    ☠ No fetish limits! ☠

    COMMISSIONS OPEN! NO FETISH / KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! (Me and my wife are not for NSFW pics!!) I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. Art is made traditional...
  10. Imaranx

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    NO FETISH/KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. ♥ Sketch ♥ 5 Euros + Background 5 Euros + Extra character 5 Euros + Comic page 5...
  11. Katook

    Ref Sheets/Solo/Couple Illustrations! $28-$200 price ests, no limits

    Hello, I'm back with some open commission slots! I didn't know last time that blood was not allowed on the forums, so I'm being more careful with my art examples here. Solo full body illustrations start from $28, up to the hundreds depending on budget, details requested, and other factors...