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fetish commissions

  1. BurgerDragon

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Quality sketch commission! SFW/NSFW | Only 2/3 slots!

    Hey hey! I want to offer you a commission sketch. It can be absolutely any anthro race, shape and gender, the background is free! More information here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46125910/ Examples of NSFW artwork | Examples of artwork with anthro
  2. mec_art

    (Commission) Selling: digital portraits and gouache paintings

    Hello! I'm an artist who loves drawing animals, fantasy creatures, and gay stuff, and I'm looking to get started doing furry commissions :-) I will draw or paint almost anything! Furry, fanart, pet portraits, people portraits... You name it, I will try to make your wish come true. I WILL take...
  3. P

    (Commission) Selling: ($7+) COMMISSIONS OPEN! (Paypal Only)

    Hello! I'm new around here! I'm an artist since 2019 and here I show you the prices of my commissions. I DRAW (for now): Original characters Fan art Ecchi Fetish NSFW NOT DRAW: GORE SNUFF RAPE MECHAS REALISM I receive payments via Paypal. For any questions can be done by private message. For...
  4. Antoszowa

    (Commission) Selling: NSFW commissions

    Greetings! I'd love to offer my services to anyone that want a quality work of naughty type. I would rise my prices after new year so it's the last chance to get them cheaper! I have a few type to offer, from the cheapest to most expensive. To see my all DO and DON'Ts please see my f-list: If...
  5. N

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions opened, pricings starting at $15 and up

    Hi everyone, I'm open for commissions and thought I'll post up in these forms. If anyone is interested my price sheets can be viewed by the following links: Headshots Half Body Full Body Also view my terms of service here Also can browse through my page if you'd like to see some other works and...
  6. mimiart


    Hi! I am drawing characters or people for cheap! Here are my prices~ Fullbody: Color $8/Lineart $5 Waist-up: Color $6/Lineart $3 Bust/icon: Color $3/Lineart $2 Any extra characters will be +half-price each. Payments through PayPal. The work can be given with a simple background, or...
  7. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SFW & NSFW Sketches (Color and B&W)

    Hello all! I finally have time to sit down and open some commissions slots! These are for sketch commissions! Details: Paypal payment only, will begin on sketch when payment clears Any fetish, no limits. All adult, BDSM, fetish ect welcome NSFW or SFW apply Any body type other than overly...
  8. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted Commissions [Now thru November 26th- Prices Starting at $20]

    Now through November 26th, If you order an illustration with horror, halloween themes, monsters, blood/gore, or anything autumn focused you get the following discounts: Cel-shaded and copic drawings get 10% off Digital paintings get 15% off. I'll draw anything aside from intentionally...
  9. BSting

    Hiring: Hiring artists that don't mind drawing a bee sting fetish (100$ range)

    Looking for an artists that would not mind drawing a commission involving female characters stung on the butt by bees. The work is obviously NSFW and it could be a picture of an OC of yours getting stung or a well-known furry character. Will work out details if and when you contact me. PLEASE...
  10. Dawon

    (Commission) Selling: High Quality Stories, SFW/NSFW; $350+, 2/3 slots open

    Hi! I'm a professional writer and experienced story-teller. No matter how out there or intricate your vision is, I can breathe life into it for you. Most fetishes are welcome (soft vore, BDSM, etc.). My official commission page with complete info is over here on SF...
  11. CuddlyFluff

    (Commission) Selling: Anything you want! $15+

    Like the title says, I'll do anything you're looking for. Whether it be SFW, NSFW or fetishes, I'm your girl! Here is the link to my gallery: Userpage of SkylarBlack72 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Things that I will draw: -Any fetish is allowed, we don't judge here! Only thing I don't allow are...
  12. S

    (Commission) Selling: NO LIMIT ARTIST, 20USD for EVERYTHING

    As the title suggests, I have no limits. If you have some crazy fetish you want to be brought to life I'm your girl! I'll draw anything, it doesn't have to be NSF, it can be SFW as well. Just message me and we can work something out ^-^ I'm still kind of new but I hope to be posting a lot more...
  13. morbid-cutie

    (Commission) Selling: ($5-10 Baseline) COMMISSIONS - SPECIAL FETISH DISCOUNT!

    www.furaffinity.net: Commission Information - SPECIAL FETISH DISCOUNT! (PayPal) -- morbid-cutie's Journal Userpage of morbid-cutie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Artwork Gallery for morbid-cutie -- Fur Affinity [dot] net PRICES - (Comes with Colour at no extra charge) Headshot/Bust - $5 Halfbody -...
  14. RJG

    (Commission) Selling: RJ's Arts

    ALL PRICES YOU SEE HERE ARE NOW HALF OFF!!! COINS=USD I Will be posting all my newer stuff in the comments! DM me if ya'd like, I'm open to draw anything (NSFW included)
  15. Imaranx

    ☠ No fetish limits! ☠

    COMMISSIONS OPEN! NO FETISH / KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! (Me and my wife are not for NSFW pics!!) I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. Art is made traditional...
  16. Imaranx

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    NO FETISH/KINK LIMITS!! I can draw anything you want! I can make 100% anonymous/private commissions! Prices are for a pic with one character and no background! Characters from two+ and background pays extra. ♥ Sketch ♥ 5 Euros + Background 5 Euros + Extra character 5 Euros + Comic page 5...
  17. Mnyama

    Commissions Open! Check it out!

    I'm opening commissions. Prices and information is listed here: Commission Info for Mnyama -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And examples are on my page as well. I'm willing to draw literally anything, so don't worry about that part. If you want any details or extra info, feel free to message me and...
  18. Asaskume

    Animated Fetish Avatar for FA

    I've been at FA for some time now. First time on the forums though, so hello!! Onto my request! I was wondering if I could get an animated avatar of Midna. (from The Legend of Zelda) I would prefer an artist who has some experience in doing fetish work that tie in with expansion and really big...
  19. SpudTheOtter

    3 Day turn Around for first 5 slots!

    More examples - Userpage of tmorrow97 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net NSFW EXAMPLES ON MY FA! ;3
  20. porone

    Shaded NSFW sketches for $10!

    Hi! I'm offering shaded, black and white NSFW digital sketches for 10 dollars per piece. Examples in my FA scraps folder! (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) I will draw - cartoony anthros, monsters and kemonomimi - characters of all genders and sexualities - solo or group images - most kinks/fetishes I...