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  1. Drenniethes


    hey steam summer sale is coming so i need some money to spend i'd like to offer you some of my artwork. highest ab is $50 so i think it doesn't cost very much, especially compared to other artists' ychs www.furaffinity.net: PINK SOFA YCH OPEN by Drenniethes www.furaffinity.net: UNLIMITED YOUR...
  2. MarshmallOwl

    NSFW YCH foot fetish

    NSFW YCH 04/03/2018 - 11/03/2018 www.furaffinity.net: YCH paw fetish by Marshmallowl Bid step - 5$, AB at 50$ for each slot.
  3. Bread Shack

    NSFW YCH (6/6 slots open)

    this ych involves vore/oviposition/pregnancy comment here to claim a spot! www.furaffinity.net: Vore/Oviposition/Pregnancy YCH by TheBreadShack $20 each!
  4. Inkblooded

    Taking urgent commission (INCLUDES NSFW most fetishes)

    I urgently need to raise funds and I am taking 1 commission slot. This slot can also be NSFW and that includes most fetishes. I need to make no less than $30, I am willing to haggle. +1 character will cost more and the price will be increased depending on the extremity of content. I am willing...
  5. B

    Female Pokémon Assassin RP (NSFW)

    The following post contains snuff. Letting you know. So, I have always been fascinated by the idea of a female Assassin conquering her male victim with her body. It could be facesitting, wrestling, anything. And since I also like Pokémon, I’ve taken to creating a few OC’s of my own. I’m...
  6. Drenniethes

    your character on a red chair SB - $15 MB - $2 AB - $30

    www.furaffinity.net: your character on a red chair by Drenniethes i'd prefer to draw feline, but other species are alright too SB - $15 MB - 2$ AB - $30 ENDS IN 12 HRS AFTER LAST BET female or shemale any species but feline are more preferable cuatom clothes, tail and genitals (if you'd like...
  7. Dreamsthefox

    Art for Literary works

    I'm looking to trade art for Literary fan fiction. The story can be a few paragraphs to a few pages depending on how you want to write it. I can provide any type of art. I won't do Scat, Diaper, Watersports, or TF. My FA is dreamsthefox.
  8. Horatio Husky

    Sci-Fi Diaperfur Story (general to mature)

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of writing a Sci-Fi related ABDL-fetish themed series! Here is the link to the first chapter for those interested. www.furaffinity.net: Scott's Remote | Chapter 1 by Horatio_Husky Please do not click the link if you are not prepared to view ABDL...
  9. Bedlams

    Anyone want to draw an overly fetish cow-taur character?

    Hello! I recently made a cow-taur character, and I'd like to have something visual of her for the people who don't go off written refs. Her ref is here. Please comment even if uninterested. Thanks!
  10. Inkblooded

    Dear Fetish Roleplayers...

    Please do not force your fetish onto other people in general, non-fetish RP servers. It can be really uncomfortable for other people, not everyone will like what you like and some might even find it repulsive. If you are looking for fetish roleplays, please find a designated partner or group...
  11. JoeStrike

    Well, at least they mentioned the book

    - and they ran that very cool Dragonscales photo portrait of Komos...but of course they couldn't run an article about Furry without dropping the "F"-bomb several times (along with a big "weird:" ) http://nypost.com/2017/10/14/inside-the-weird-world-of-the-furry-fetish/ Who knows, maybe it will...
  12. JoeStrike

    You try to say something positive to the media about Furry...

    Furry Nation, my book about the fandom's history was published last week. ( www.furrynation.com ) The publisher's publicist arranged an interview with the NY Post to promote the book. I made sure to downplay the "kink" angle the media like to focus on, repeatedly told him Furry was primarily...
  13. Ddestro

    ABDL/Fetish Comic!

    Hello everyone! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and share fellow anthro Artists work! I Myself (Dayah) Have started and am working on a webcomic called night delights!!! www.furaffinity.net: Night Delights Chapter 1 Page 1 by DDestro This is my first ever time ever working with digital srt, so some...
  14. Foster

    How to filter explicit or unwanted content?

    I'D LIKE TO APOLOGIZE if this post is not in the right location, im brand new and if i do something thats not correct please tell me so im fresh out the bag for fur affinity, im very confused on how the site layout works, and im finding myself kind of frustrated by how to filter through content...
  15. faitsena

    faitsena commissions -- LIMITED!

    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/faitsena (◡‿◡✿) hi! i'm opening LIMITED commissions, and then i will be closing up shop! i will provide you with a calendar to see when to expect your completed commission, and i am willing to work with you on stream dates if you'd prefer to see that! i take...
  16. CynicalPopcorn

    (NSFW) Another commission...

    Budget: $50 It's a commission of probably nothing more than a bust and parts of another character. But there's a bit of a rough/fetishistic theme to it! Respond here or DM if interested and I'll discuss it in more detail in DMs. Thank you for reading <3
  17. TikTikKobold

    Writing Commissions Available!

    Writing commissions available, starting at .011USD/word ($11 for 1000 word pieces) Minimum 500 words. (5.50 US) I am a writer who is interested in trying new things and expanding my repertoire. I love getting into the minds of new characters and breathing life into them. Also, I just plain love...
  18. P

    dear fetish artists,

    just want to preface with I have nothing against fetish art, we've all been there at one point or another, if that's what you like to draw good for you!! and good on you for being so brave lol but please, if you're a fetish artist on fa, don't mark something clearly fetishy as general audience...
  19. obsceneoblivion

    YCHA Dominate NSFW

    NSFW YCHA www.furaffinity.net: YCHA Dominate by ObsceneOblivion BDSM Fun Rules! AUCTION ENDS JUNE 5th YOU WILL RECEIVE FLAT COLORS CLICK FOR EXAMPLE If the bidding totals get over 100$ it will be shaded PAYPAL ONLY CHECK INDIVIDUAL SLOT INFO BELOW FOR GENDER RULES ANATOMY WILL BE FIXED IF...
  20. kinkshameyeti

    $20 Sketch Commissions! SFW/NSFW

    Hey! I'm doing some sketch commissions! FA profile Email/paypal: kinkshameyeti@gmail.com Here's some of my previous work (this is what you can expect): And this (NSFW) This is what to expect and what I'm willing to draw: SFW or NSFW (this includes fetishes and gore) Black and white sketch...