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  1. TyraWadman

    Art Fight

    Anyone here participating in the Steampuck vs Cyberpunk? This is my first time participating and I'm kinda... taken aback. I didn't realize there would be so many MLP designs, or adoptables/base art that don't seem to cite the original artist, then there are people outright plagiarizing. It's a...
  2. Monosuki the Aurian

    Mambi VS. Karma! (RP Fight Club Battle)

    Good day ladies and gentlefurs! For this match, it'll be two contenders going against one another! The rules go as following: 1: The opponent must be incapacitated or unable to fight to declare victory. 2: The opponent gave give up or admit defeat, which gives victory to the other. 3: The...
  3. Monosuki the Aurian

    Mambi Vs. Cockynoob666! (Forum RP Fight Match)

    Alright folks! It's always a nice time for a fight! For this battle however, we'll be pitting two folks against one another. One whom you are familiar with, the playful feline of destruction, agent of mayhem, Mambi! For the other, a newcomer of the fights, said to have hundreds of bees at his...
  4. Monosuki the Aurian

    Scylla VS. Monosuki, FF Club Battle!

    This battle shall take place in New York City, USA! The fighters that shall combat one another is Monosuki Tyakushi Lavishi IV, a cat/fox Captain hailing form the Andromeda Galaxy, going against his fighting partner, Scylla, a giant fighter of fearsome proportions. May the battle commence, and...
  5. MainHammond

    White Cat Legend Epic Fight Scene

    I have never heard of this anime before, but when I saw this clip my mind was blown. I need to find a way to watch this chinese anime Edit: Chinese Anime is called Donghua....didn't know that either.
  6. Nostradamus Darkfury

    Looking to test my strength... fight me ;)

    My name is Nostradamus. Nostradamus Darkfury. I am stronger than anyone whose ever lived and died and today I’d like to test my strength against you mortals. Strengths: Blessings of 1000 demons, massive claws, devastating teeth, control over the magic of our Lands, expert potion maker, caller...
  7. V

    Free Art: Fight, wrestle and ryona art(maybe NSFW?)

    Howdy! Been getting the itch to draw again and love doing OC fights and ryona. I'm not the best, though. With that in mind, feel free to make requests below. I do any sort of matchup except masculine male on masculine male(Masculine on feminine male is ok). Just link me ref pics of the OCs...
  8. Guifrog

    Foxes vs. Skunks

    I'm a bit scared this might trigger a fight between species, but now I got curious. T_T So what's with the rivalry?
  9. Leo Whitepaw


    It was his idea, okay?
  10. D

    The Bandit Attack

    This section of Felix's story happens about a week after this one: forums.furaffinity.net: A Short Walk Through the Streets of England It is helpful to read Felix's character sheet before reading this: www.furaffinity.net: My Fursona: The Puritan Fox by Felix_Bernard ... “But why Tigrash...
  11. J

    The user above you just beat you up in a parking lot. Why?

    Game thread! The user or avatar above you just dragged you out in the bar parking lot for a fight and kicked your ass. What did you do to earn this?
  12. J

    [RP] Episode 1 - Final Ride to Hell

    Nether-Void, a realm that exists in between the underworld and the mundane world, has been overwhelmed by monsters of the underworld, namely "Soul-Downers", and they're now flooding to the mundane world, laying waste and causing massive destruction in their path. Jin Lust-Sin, Emperor of...
  13. K

    Seeking fight RP, looking for various types of opponents

    Hey there! My name is Kajm, You can find my OC bio here www.furaffinity.net: Kajm-Lizard by Kajm As you can see Kajm is a very powerful creature- but I will add here that because of his own mistake he experiences power fluctuations. While he is normally in the 65-ton lifting range, he can be...
  14. SSJ3Mewtwo

    Ichi-gou Is Ornery (OOC Thread)

    Who is Ichi-gou? No, not that sissy from Bleach. He's this guy/thing: www.furaffinity.net: Ichi-gou vs Ran Profile Sheet by SSJ3Mewtwo www.furaffinity.net: Ichi-gou Solo (from 'The Stand-Off' by Croft) by SSJ3Mewtwo (Mature/nsfw) And I'm a bit ornery too. Been a long while since I...