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  1. TheRabbitFollower

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Chibi Fursona Charms + Figures [Prices start at $10]

    Hey there! I've been doing pre-made polymer clay charms and mini-figures for about six months now, so I figured it was about time I start taking commissions. I can sculpt pretty much whatever you like, and in multiple styles, but I typically do toony, chibi, or kawaii-styled charms. My projects...
  2. SculptingBear

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Figurines! - $50-110+

    Hi there! My name is Bear. I'm a sculptor! I'm currently looking to take a few more commissions. My terms of service, which includes all my contact info: www.tinyurl.com/beartos My Trello/queue: Trello I'm much more active on Twitter as well, same username!
  3. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Fluffy Eastern Dragon ($50 USD OBO)

    A fuzzy eastern dragon. They're blue and bronze, with blue and white nylon cord. He's approximately 23cm long, made of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. Shipping is included in price! Price is not firm! Please contact me with any offers!
  4. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Salmon Bear Bust ($65 OBO)

    Price is not firm! Give me an offer! Shipping included in price! This bear does NOT want to share their fish! He apparently never learned that sharing is caring! It's a good thing he's handsome! He's approximately 8cm tall, made with sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. He's also got...
  5. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Star Wolf Bust ($80 OBO)

    Making a separate post for this guy. Price is NOT firm- contact me with an offer! Shipping is included! AKA "Galaxy Brian" AKA "Star Dreamer" "Let those who sleep continue to dream." I really enjoyed making this one! It's my first time sculpting bone and using a new painting technique, and...
  6. Renneon

    Doll and figurine customs

    I wanted to create a thread for repaints since most of the forum is dedicated to digital and traditionnal 2d art ^^ I've recently tried my hand at figurine customizing, and I'm super happy i did because even though it's a very meticulous and time consuming thing, I love creating new characters ...
  7. Z

    Your fursonia, in figurine form.

    I create figures out of clay, and i would love to potentially do OC's on the regular for commissions, so I am offering to do a figure of someones fursona into a figure, as a practice. I would like to do this for someone in Australia, if it goes well and if potentially you would like to cover...
  8. Dolphanatic

    Painting Details on Kung Fu Panda Figures

    I figured I'd go ahead and show you all something I'm working on. Recently, I got these Kung Fu Panda figures to sit on display and show my appreciation for the series. They're decent figures (and rather inexpensive, too, thanks to eBay), but I feel like a couple of them could be improved upon...
  9. wickedvenom

    Sculpture Commissions Open!

    I am opening up sculptures commissions for April-May completion! =) Sculptures are sculpted with Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt, painted with Vallejo Model Paints, and sealed. As you can see, I work heavily off of provided references, so you can confidently know your sculpture will turn out...