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file support

  1. B

    Problem with Art Submissions

    I am trying to submit art work on Furaffinity. I understand that the staff and the administration of FA are busy. But I would like the staff to look into their art submission file sector. I can't upload a file containing the art work in it. The file is within size limits and it is a png file...
  2. O

    Posting my Stories on Here (Plus an Issue)

    The issue - For some reason one story in particular won't have quotation marks when I try to post it as a txt file, and in other formats it gets more messed up. RTF's won't be present either. Anyway, this is a post about me beginning to share my stories on here! Most of them so far are OC...
  3. dockyo

    FLV/mp4 files support!

    I'm a 3D animator, or well... getting better anyway. My page: Userpage of dockyo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Anyway. I want to share animations on FA, but with the recent death of 'Flash pro CS-series' its nearly impossible to post an animation without an online convertor, or third party...