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  1. M

    What was worse?

    The real question for the ages.
  2. ZoeyKitten

    Favorite scary movie that isn’t horror?

    So having just watched San Andreas and being more terrified than when I watched many horror films I began wondering if other people/creatures/whatever you like to be called got scared by a non horror film before.
  3. KawaiiPeachcup

    Detective Pikachu

    So I saw Detective Pikachu yesterday and it's all I can think about now. I can't tell you how much I loved this film. It wasn't particularly ground breaking in anyway but it felt like a love letter to fans that grew up with the series. Everything from the music, character designs, gaudy outfits...
  4. gabbo13

    Are there any filmmakers in this fandom?

    About The Fandom documentary on YouTube and the feature film about the origins and the acceptance of the furry fandom, and the hype for the first Furry Film Festival, I just wonder if there are people who work on the industry or independent/freelance, and if there's any project to show and share...
  5. Furrium

    Do you watch movies carefully or just for fun?

    Watch you movies carefully, analyze them: the plot, the game of actors, special effects, etc., or watch them just for fun, like the movie "Hummingbird Effect", it doesn’t matter who plays the role or the special effects are not important to you, but you just like how Jason State hits everyone...
  6. insertgenericnamehere1

    B movie recommendations

    I could use some new horrible movies for great laughs. I've seen a lot. But if any of you got any please post a few trailers lol. I'm low on work and bored out of my mind these days... Could really use a great or horrible laugh...
  7. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Bandersnatch Thread

    First and foremost, USE SPOILER DROPDOWNS! Bandersnatch on Netflix, a part of the Black Mirror series, is absolutely amazing. It's a choose your own adventure movie, and we really need more of this genre. There is some fourth wall shit going on that is just amazingly executed.
  8. S

    New Lion King film

    Fuck Detective Pikachu, Lion King is the live action I actually want. According to some rando in the comments, who was quoting someone else, you can watch this side-by-side with the original animated film and they will be synced up perfectly. Don't fuck this up for me, Disney.
  9. MetroFox2

    Favourite Movie Openings

    So, I saw a thread for game trailers just now, and thought "Hey, why not do that, but with film trailers" but the I thought that would be too similar, and I'm totally not gonna steal ideas from a saber-weilding cat, so we have this instead. So yeah, share your favourite movie opening, or two if...
  10. B

    Movies you liked, but critics didn’t

    When I was a bit younger, my brother and I watched this 2012 movie skyline. It was critically panned. But personally, I loved it. As for others, what is your “guilty pleasure” movie?
  11. David Carpenter

    (For a film) Large Crow wings, body, tail & feet

    Hi , My name is David Carpenter. I'm an independent film maker out of LA. I have a short film I'm looking to shoot in November or December and I'm looking for assistance on the creating a large crow costume. Currently I have some one making the head/mask. I'm working with Crystumes, she is...
  12. ChromaticRabbit

    Animated Short Films

    Subject says it all. On-topic posts and discussion welcome. Here's a lovely and award-winning piece that just popped up on youtube two weeks ago from a talented Chilean director, Fernanda Frick.
  13. Water Draco

    Films Hollywood have tried to copy but failed.

    The idea is to post name of Hollywood film that was nowhere as good as the original and post the name of the inspired it. So I will start with. 2004 Taxi: staring Queen Latifah 1998 Taxi: staring Samy Naceri
  14. Water Draco

    Furry, mascot, not or other (bit of fun)

    I have done a search and could not find a forum thread on this on so hopefully not repeating this. Also although TV related I kind of thought this is the place to post it in the forum, hopefully. Anyway this is a bit of fun looking at characters portrayed in popular media by actors. Here we go...
  15. R

    Let's Make a Movie (ideas)

    Hi everyone! I don't really come on these message boards often, but I'm looking for people. :) IRL, I am a director/cinematographer who has done some small independent short films and music videos for others and myself. I think I can say I've been in the fandom for about 10 years, though not...
  16. R

    Like any indie/small films that you think more people should know about?

    I personally recomend "Felidae". It's an animated German movie from 1994 where a cat named Francis tries to solve the murders of several cats in his neighborhood. It has graphic violence and a sex scene, and it has a pretty dark tone, so if that's not your cup of tea, I wouldn't watch it. In my...
  17. TidesofFate

    Legendary Entertainment acquires rights to Dune

    So Legendary Entertainment has the film and television rights to Dune now. Adaptation of the first Dune book #3, 2nd adaptations 2nd and 3rd books, and first times beyond those here we go. Assuming they get that far. I've read the book, watched the David Lynch movie, and saw the miniseries...
  18. Jason Forestfox

    What's your favourite Zootopia character?

    As the title says. My favourite is Nick Wilde, because he's really cute and witty :D
  19. FurryComputerNerd

    Batman v Superman Thread [Spoilers?]

    Not really fandom related but I felt it needed to be done. Please note that this thread is NOT mod created nor endorsed. Batman v Superman is slotted for release today on March 25th, 2016. Recently saw the movie and want to discuss it somewhere? Consider this your sounding board for exactly...