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  1. DeclanHaselhurst

    Main Site Request to add new species in search category filter

    On the advanced search panel in the image results, there are no selections for elephants, buffalo or tapir art in the "Species" list. Can those species be added in the above list (i.e. "Species" in Advanced Search filters)?
  2. E

    Main Site Filter galleries and favourites by content type (stories/art/photography etc)

    The advanced search has an option to filter results based on the type of content. Using that filter, you can limit the search results to only include stories, or only include visual art, and I find that feature really useful. Is it possible to do the same when viewing a user's gallery, or when...
  3. M

    Optional Filter?

    Edit 1: Misspelling Hi, I am user M7Fire from Furaffinity.net and I was inquiring about gaining other site users perspective on why an optional is or is not a good idea for the website? Here is my thoughts on the matter and remember this is only my opinion, not what the overall audience...
  4. I

    Question regarding filters

    I know there is a filter that helps you to find specific things that you look for. But is there a filter that works the other way round? Like a filter that blends out specific things that i don't want to see? Like fetishes for example, when i'm browsing i really don't like to see fetish pics...
  5. A

    Hidden Users.

    I personally hate when I'm searching a particular theme on FA, only to come across the same image posted multiple times. Why? Because someone who buys a commissions believes it's their right to upload to their gallery. Honestly, that's not really acceptable. The gallery is meant to be for users...
  6. Inkblooded

    Filter/BLACKLIST tags

    Please let us have a blacklist. I have nothing against NSFW art and I am fine with seeing it (so no, "turn on SFW mode" is not the answer) but I do not like the kind of extreme and specific NSFW that's popular on FurAffinity. It seems like with every refresh there are at least 5 submissions...
  7. R

    Suggestion: User filter

    We could have a system where everyone puts a list of what fetish they are into and also allows users to filter all the users who are into x fetish that they really dont want to see or be contacted by those into said fetish. You wouldnt be able to see any post or art posted by filtered users. I...
  8. J

    New filter tool for FA

    There is a new tool for FA that allows you to use filters (like those found under 'advanced' on the search page) on almost any page on FA. It is a greasemonkey/tampermonkey script, and it was just released today. You will obviously need greasemonkey or tampermonkey to use it. (Just google...
  9. AnonTheMouse

    Any way to filter out Patreon spam?

    These days, it seems like everybody is getting a Patreon. Good for you all, and best of luck with it. However, there's only so much money to go around, and I've got a pretty good idea from looking at people's galleries who I want to support. Making ~20% of the "New Submissions" I see censored or...
  10. Shelby Malphas

    Better maturity filter

    Hi all, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, and if so I can be redirected to that post. In short I would like more options to censor and filter submissions and how I can view them based on maturity and subject matter. I would like my feed to generally be clean, but also with an option...
  11. D

    Submission Problem: Filter out another's submissions.

    I am a bit unsure how the search engine functions on this site and if it possible to do this. But is there some way to filter out another FA users images from the search results?