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final fantasty

  1. Zorrena

    Tips and questions about FFXIV

    Hello so I've been hearing about this game for years and only in the last few months has it been catching my interest as I've been wanting to play another mmo type game. I was wondering since my day job requires most of the morning hours and usually bleeds into the evening I don't have too much...
  2. C

    Final Fantasy VII HD Mod

    A group of modders were able to make a mod that increases the resolution for the pre-rendered backgrounds all thanks to a new AI that is able to upscale low res images up to 4K. Why is this such a big deal? Well most of the original FF7 assets were lost years ago and due to this FF7 re releases...
  3. H

    final fantasy xv review(video)

    first real attempt at making a video review and it definitely show but hey i set out to make a video about ff xv and i did, now i just need to make sure the next video i make is better than this one. so if you got any tips on video making i really appreciate it if you share them as i do see a...