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final fantasy

  1. S

    Is it possible that ffx/x2 get a remake?

    We all saw ff7R for ps4 but I'm not sure about ffx/ffx2 is it possible that ffx/x2 gets a remake?
  2. overlimits

    Looking for someone willing to do NSFW dragon/human m/m! (fanart)

    Hello! I'm hoping this is all right, I'm not 100% clear on the rules regarding fanart, but please let me know if this doesn't belong here. I'm looking to commission art of a dragon whose design is very much like the following: (1) (2) (3) Only, instead of a red color theme, it should be dark...
  3. noxity

    Black Friday Portrait Sale

    Ends tonight at midnight! Please send me a message if interested. ~
  4. S

    Final Fantasy XIV Discussion

    I only know how to talk about this game haaa... So I'm a pretty avid fan of FFXIV and I wanted to see if anyone else around here played it. Just a few discussion questions is all I've got... Are you excited for Stormblood? What's the most exciting thing about the expansion? What role do you...