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find friends

  1. Suri

    Sketchbook: I'M BACK!

    Hello, I will be very active in this forum publishing my progress in my drawings: 3 I would like to know if I can make friends who want to share ideas or a group of discords to share my drawings! Thank you This is a WIP of my next icon! >u< Reference:
  2. PaxTerra

    Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

    Hello everyone! I'm really trying to improve my art skills and become a better artist so I'm asking if there is someone(s) out there who want the same thing and would like to collaborate? :) What I mean is that we will follow each others on whatever media we upload regularly to and post...
  3. Mournful

    Any Other Young Furs (14-17) In or Around the Ventura Area?

    Hello! My Name is Caden (or Auroro if you want to go by my sona) I'm 15 and I'm am finding it incredibly difficult to find other young furs around me. I have tried the map Function on amino, i've just about ran out of ways of saying "Furries in Thousand Oaks" after searching that about...
  4. It'sBlitz

    Finding Furs

    What is the best way to find furs near where you are? Are there specific threads or websites for that?
  5. PapaChan


    Hi. I'm looking to find a website where I can make friends? Like, a lot of cool people I know are on this website, so I figure a lot of cool people would be on here. So friendship maybe? Anyways. Give me a laydown. How to do this website?