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fine art

  1. Savarin_Divin

    Sketchbook: Savarin creations

    Greetings, I haven't been here too long, so I will make a brief introduction. I started my whole art anything furry art. I blame sonic, back when the genesis was cool. Though, my art looked nothing like the sonic artwork ever. One day I just stop right before my middle school years to branch out...
  2. Savarin_Divin

    Savarin's Fine Art Commissions (Closed)

    Hello, Savarin here, contacting souls from beyond the ether... My commissions are now close due to me moving to a new place soon. Thank you all that show interest. ^^ It is time my' lovelies, commissions are open. For those who hear me, I am a traditional artist I've worked from canvas to...
  3. E

    Furized painting

    Hi! I would really love it if someone could reimagine the painting Truth Coming Out of Her Well (warning: artistic titties) with either my character Echo or Ish as the titular Truth. I couldn't decide whether to go with Echo cause she's my face on here or Ish cause she's horrifying and that...
  4. paoladlp

    Fursonas as Vehicle to Facilitate Expressing what's hard to Articulate

    I was reading about anthropomorphism and I was interested in hearing your opinion on this text: In the media anthropomorphism can effectively facilitate the relationship between character and audiences; the bond, in diegetic terms, is created on the grounds that it doesn't owe anything to real...