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  1. S.A.F.I

    Firefox redesign

    Mozilla just made an announcement that they're doing a redesign of the Firefox brand... Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand – Mozilla Open Design Any thoughts?
  2. Water Draco

    Forum Unable to log in because cookies are not enabled (FireFox)

    Out of the blue today I found that I was unable to log into the forums using FireFox for Android. Something happened that for some reason resulted in the forum cookies being blocked. Even though I have not made any changes to these settings in FireFox for Android. So for anyone else that...
  3. Hircreacc

    FAP - FurAffinity Patcher (Browser Extension)

    The FurAffinity Patcher is a Browser Extension with some Content Scripts for Index -- Fur Affinity [dot] net. Adding some Client-Side features like Edit-Preview and some smaller tweaks. It all began with "Why can't I see icons on my Watchlist ?“, "Who is this again ?" or "No preview rendering...
  4. Water Draco

    Allow Firefox to record audio when submitting work on FA?

    Hi Is anyone elce getting this when trying to submit work on FA using Firefox an Android device. When you select browse for image a permissions box opens asking "Allow Firefox to record audio?" "Deny" "Allow" So on selecting "Deny" the dialogue box closes and your unable to browse for image...
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] Images, Thumbnails, Icons Not Loading

    I know there was a server issue recently that affected the loading of images and such, but it was my understanding that this had been resolved. However, I'm still having issues on my end. Images, thumbnails, and icons will not load for me, no matter how many times I refresh the page. I can still...