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first commission

  1. C

    Hiring: Looking for a ref sheet of a male fatfur character

    Hello there! I'm hoping to commission a reference sheet of a really heavy, male mink character. (There is no prior art of him, this would be his first art.) Would ideally be a reference with (at the minimum) a front, back, and side view of him. Anything else on the ref would be extras, but...
  2. marwmellow

    I did my first commission art

    Hola! Finally I did my first commission art c: What do you think about this? www.furaffinity.net: Iris [Commission] by marwmellow
  3. R

    First Fursona!

    Hello! I've been a furry fan for the past while but meeting a furry friend irl has given me the push I needed to get my first fursona made! Problem is, my drawing skills are sorely lacking so I'm looking for an artist that can make my sona real! I'd only have a written description, but his...
  4. Z

    Looking for an artist to get my first commission

    Hi I am looking for someone to do my first commission I kind of know what I want but I was hoping someone would help me and work with me. I'm new to fur affinity and I have been in the fandom for a while but I'm not exactly sure how commissions work