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first fursuit

  1. AscendantServalynx

    First Fursuit Head haha

    I've been working on my main sona for a while. Starting in June and making improvements (such as actually sewing the open seams and lining the mouth) from there! I didn't duct tape pattern the markings (the small stripes are sewn over this time) but I intend to next suit Any more advice for my...
  2. Feralteddy

    Show off your first fursuit VS your latest!

    I want to preface this with that there should be NO judgement here, everyone starts somewhere. I want this to be a positive thread showing how far you suit makers have come! This was the first one I ever made, I was 14 and matrices.net was a big inspiration to me so I used their guide. It...
  3. Lucyfur

    Just diving in

    I’m really excited because I just commissioned a partial suit, head hand sleeves and tail, and ahhhhhh! My Yeen is going to be made physical ^~^ I commissioned Capricorgi Creations @CcorgiCreations on Twitter I am so excited and would love to update the progress as I get updated ^~^
  4. Lobie5

    Critique: Foam base too bumpy

    So, I've begun work on my first fursuit head, and I love it SO MUCH. :D The process is very fun and exciting, and I'm already learning so much. Since I would like to make another in the future, I wanted to get some advice so that the next one can be better. Here's what I have so far: (i...
  5. CuteVixen

    Question about fursuit making

    Hiya I've been working on my first successful fursuit (the others failed cos I found the bucket method hard) and I was wondering where you guys get your buckram? I'm a British furry so I may not know the American stores well, and I pay in £ pounds. I did find buckram here but the thing is, the...
  6. Skychickens

    Adding long hair?

    I plan on working on my first fursuit...if/when I ever have spare money to get the materials. So in the meantime I’m living off tutorials and practicing my stitching. It’s going to be a long term project and my family is pitching in to help as they love supporting my art projects. Materials make...
  7. shadytay

    I want to make a head

    So, I have never made a fursuit head and I have looked at a few tutorials. I understand the basics of what I need to do but I was wondering how I should go about translating my fursona's eyes into physical form. (You can see a few pictures of him here.) Would buckram work? Just put it in and not...
  8. crafts_creations

    Hi there! Nice to E-Meet you!

    Hi Everybody first let me introduce myself, my name is Chantal, I am a mom of 3 kids and married live in the south of the Netherlands. (sorry for the bad english, it is not my mother tongue :) I have always been a big fan of animals / Cartoons and have always cosplayed and love to protray a...
  9. Covet-Kun

    Advice for my first fursuit project please?

    Hello hello, I'm considering on making my first fursuit, or at least parts of one. I'm thinking of starting with a head and a tail to go with it as my first products. I'm a high school undergraduate with a respectable amount of cash saved up, and the big question I have is how should I budget my...
  10. Tizri777

    Alternative for Eyelids and lips

    Hello, I am a first time fursuit maker, looking to make my own suit and i have run into a few small snags. Mainly being able to afford apoxie sculpt for the eyelids and lips. I am making a semi toony head from a resin base. I was wondering if there are other things i can use that wont cost me...
  11. Deathless

    Making a suit: DO'S AND DONT'S (my opinions/tips)

    I've been meaning to make a thread about this even though it's probably been talked about hundreds of times before on here. This is from my knowledge of fursuiting and making one from scratch. Making a fursuit can, most of the time, be a stressful, long, and expensive process (especially for the...
  12. Andy Pandy

    Is this Lycra Balaclava ski mask good for protecting a suithead from sweat?

    Note: I did have a little bit of assurance that this specific mask will be fine, but I have HA and anxiety and need to ask more people to be sure before I commit to wearing this in a con and it all going wrong xD I went through an old forum from 2012 about first time fursuiting tips and saw...
  13. Blep

    First Fursuit - head building

    Hi! Im having some problems with how I should further build my fursuit head now...Im really stuck! I need help/advice on how to build the top part. Or any other advice basically... (picture in file) Do I need to start anew? :( AND! Any videos for sewing machines or sewing for hand that...
  14. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Hi from a new fur.

    Hello every one, even though I have watched the fur community from the side lines for many years, I never really had a chance to try to get into suiting up or anything. If anything I guess you could say I have just sort of admired. But, I have decided to suit up for Dragon Con for next year. And...
  15. Mitchel

    How Much Fur Do I Need?

    I'm making a full partial (head, hands, feet, tail, sleeves) of this guy www.furaffinity.net: Karl- Soon to be suit! by ProblematicVirgo How much red and white fur should I get? I am getting 1 yard of the yellow. Also how much would I need to make a full digi? I'm about 5' 8" and 160lbs. I...
  16. LouGarou92

    Very first Attempt at a Fursuit Head! In progress...

    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. I'm looking for a little C&C on my very first attempt at a fursuit head, before I get so far I can't fix it! The carving is a little rough, I know. It'll be smoothed out some before adding fur. And if the eyes aren't even, well, I kind of haphazardly stuck the...
  17. jazz_fuzz

    First Fursuit Head Build!!

    Hey FA, I'm a vet student who is new to the furry world (although my childhood drawings might suggest otherwise). I have been looking for a fun and challenging project to work during my summer break and I thought I'd craft a fursuit head. I'm going to sell it when it's done if it's good enough...
  18. K

    Please critique

    My first time making a quadsuit. This is going to be Snowbunny Nidalee from League of Legends. I just need to know I'm on the right track. Thanks