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first post

  1. cupcake_ash


    So uhh yeah. Hi. I just wanna introduce myself. I'm ash (he/it) or cupcake (cupcake is main fursonas name) and I'm a young (minor btw) furry, still very new to all of this. Ive told like a couple people but I know most people at school would not be okay with it. introducing cupcake Age: 13...
  2. Echolepzy

    Err... Hello-!

    Hi-! I'm Indie the Fox (she/they), and uh... Well, I'd like to try to be active on FA and hopefully meet some people, but I don't know where to start... I'm kinda nervous, and I don't like talking to strangers without a reason, but even if I was fine with it, I have trouble finding other people...
  3. berry

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    What’s going on, everybody! My name is Berry! I’ve been active on FA for a few months and decided to join the forum a few weeks ago! I’m a game developer and writer from the U.S. My sona is a panda who’s also the mascot for my studio. I love getting commissions and YCHs made of him! My username...
  4. angeliimp

    ...and here i am!

    Hello! My name is Lemon and this is my first forum post; not just on fur affinity but ever! I'm not really sure how forums work so if you could leave me any tips at all that would be great haha. A bit about me: I'm a 17 year old furry who goes by they/them pronouns. I'm a student in the UK...
  5. CasualBlue

    I have a question for experienced users (concerning commissions)

    So... I started posting art in my Fur Affinity page a few months ago, and a few weeks ago, I opened up for commissions. I have a small following, only 90 users, but I imagined that at least 1 of them would be intersted in buying a slot. My question is, why does nobody want to commission me? I...
  6. Narcissa_x

    *~Hello everyone~*

    Good afternoon, My name is Narcissa. I'm new to Furaffinity, and the forums, so please be kind and say hello! I enjoy the night time, long movies and warm tea. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite flower is a daisy. Choosing a favourite food is hard, but I really like strawberries! I'm...
  7. R

    How Long Have You Been Here For F.A?

    Welp, since I'm new here, I got one major question for all y'all here. How long have you been around here in Fur-Affinity? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Heck, even a decade?
  8. Snowflake_theFox

    Hi! I'm new here :)

    Hey there! My name is Lili, but here (in FA) my user is Snowflake. I'm from Chile, so... I don't speak very well English (I try, I try). My fursona is a fox (or vix...) named Snowflake. Everybody can see she in my avatar. I love draw. I consider me as an "artist in progress". You can see my...
  9. Klobria


    Heya, uh...well, i'm kinda stress right now. So uh...YEAH. I'm Nina, 14 yo, French, furry for now 2 years I like uh... Markiplier, Sr Pelo, Majira, Telephone, and I watch Sherlock, Spongebob, Game Of Thrones, Red band Society and a lot of memes I'm new so i'm a little bit lost here... could...
  10. G

    new kid on the block

    Hey! I'm Glam or Glamour (20, female, lesbian, she/hers), and I'm a long time listener, first time caller into the furry fandom. I'm a strictly SFW furry (and that isn't from a place of 'holier than thou' righteous disgust so much as a warning not to ask me to 'yiff' or send me porn) from Texas...
  11. O

    Posting my Stories on Here (Plus an Issue)

    The issue - For some reason one story in particular won't have quotation marks when I try to post it as a txt file, and in other formats it gets more messed up. RTF's won't be present either. Anyway, this is a post about me beginning to share my stories on here! Most of them so far are OC...
  12. D

    Minecraft Transformation Server Staff? (NSFW)

    Hello everyone! I'm Dani! I came here to see if anyone wanted to partake in a minecraft server based on transformations (TFs) and I am currently looking for staff! If you have a minecraft account and are an active player or will become an active player, Please feel free to message me. If you...
  13. PercyD

    Looking for an rp partner over Discord [FxF, FxM, Plot Based Mature RP]

    Eyo! =u=/ My name is PD and I'm looking for an rp partner via discord. I have a number of characters I want to play again. I'm also in the mood for FxF, and maybe some high fantasy stuff (think DnD type creatures and mythology). I'm really into species differences too.
  14. Balans

    Cliche "I'm New" Title :)

    Hello world, and all the big stompers and little snugglers, be they fluffy, scaley, all-around-y, and any who I fail to mention. It's awesome to meet you all! Now I'd write some big and long-winded summary of who I am and what I am doing here... But I'm a writer. And I know better. Because I...
  15. jljj1996

    Is 3 years enough time for lurking?

    I have followed Rule 14 very well I think. :T Alrighty, first thing's first, the username thing can be a bit confusing, so to make things easier on everyone, just call me JJ. :) Easy to remember, some might say it rolls off the tongue, and it's MUCH easier to spell! I've been on FurAffinity...
  16. Ulknudel

    Mango Smoothies

    Hello! I thought I could try this place out since I've tried a German forum and made bad experiences but good ones with an international one. So, here's my introduction. NAME My name is Jennifer but my friends and family just call me Jenny. I prefer the short form as well. AGE I am 21 years...
  17. Saki_Fox_Takeda

    Hi from a new fur.

    Hello every one, even though I have watched the fur community from the side lines for many years, I never really had a chance to try to get into suiting up or anything. If anything I guess you could say I have just sort of admired. But, I have decided to suit up for Dragon Con for next year. And...
  18. Bell Bob

    Hi, new here!

    My name is Bob im 22 years old in real life...im a yaoi cat and im looking for friends and Rp games, im new here but not new in furry fandom...im from Brazil so if there is brazilians, say hello! :)
  19. ColorfullCute

    Should I cut my hair?

    My hair is really long and will stick out of the head I made. I made the head a little to small to put my hair up. I really did not think my head would not be that small... I am going to make more heads and will where my heads out at cons and stuff and I don't think it looks really good to have...
  20. Fluorite

    Fluorite has arrived.

    Hey everyone! My name is Fluorite, and I am a digital artist by hobby. I like to draw canines - mostly sparkle dogs - you know, the ones with the crazy insane unnatural colors and markings; the ones that wear lots of accessories and often have hair. Yes, those! I draw primarily feral...