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five nights at freddy's

  1. Kunda

    Baby Fnaf security breach adopts

    Baby fnaf security breach adopts
  2. Kunda

    Fnaf security breach adopt #2

    Current offer $20 on discord! Ab : $30 (gives you rights to commercial use)
  3. Kunda

    Fnaf Security Breach Adopt CLOSED

    Check them out on my profile
  4. ColorInPlatinum

    (Commission) Selling: Need help!! Let me draw for you! [$5-$90+] Art, animation, cosplay, and more!

    hey, i'm atlas. i made a post on here maybe over a year ago (before i came out btw, so excuse the fact that im a dude now) asking for help via commissions getting out of a really bad situation. i got a surprising amount of negative feedback on it?? but i'm gonna try again because i really do...
  5. JoeStrike

    Did videogames lead you to furry fandom?

    Hi, greetings once again from your friendly neighborhood greymuzzle I'm writing Furry Nation, the first book tracing our fandom's birth and growth and connecting it to the human instinct that's been around forever to anthropomorphize animals. (website: furrynation.com ) It will published next...
  6. FonzieThSuperWizard

    Five Nights at Freddy's (and it's alternatives).

    Does anybody here like Five Nights at Freddy's games and it's alternatives like One Night at Flumpty's? Send your opinions and game experiences here! If there's a topic of this already, then I'm sorry and I'll delete this topic (unless the mods want to). :3 So! What are your favorite...
  7. Jazz Panther

    Animitronic suit

    Ever since I joined FA in early 2014, I have been interested in the fur suiting community and, I have been wanting to make a fur suit since 2010. Anyways, enough backstory. My main problem with getting a fur suit though, besides the price of it, was that I didn't know what I wanted. I don't...