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  1. HarbingerRan

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) HarbingerRan's Writing Commissions - Always Open!

    HarbingerRan's Writing Commissions Hi everyone! I offer writing commissions via Fiverr and wanted to give a little more information about that! I have three packages that I offer - Basic, which is $50 for up to 1,000 words long; Standard, which is $100 for up to 3,000 words long; and...
  2. pascalthepommie

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions starting at $8 icons

    Hey friends and furries! I recently opened up my commissions and I thought I would share my sheet on here to expand who I'm offering them to <3 Things I won't draw: Non-consensual acts Sexual content involving underage furries Zoophilia Other than that I am open for commissions! If you have a...
  3. GenkeiZwei

    Pixel commissions! 5$-30$ for next 5 slots!

    Greetings everyone, I make pixel art avatars. Due to insane conversion rates in Croatia, I will have to increase the prices from what is currently listed, however next 5 commissions will cost the same as originally intended, thank you for understanding. 128x128 -30$ (real size) 64x64 -15$...
  4. F

    Anthro Art - 5 Slots Available - $5-$20

    sallyharlyquinn.deviantart.com: Price Sheet Let's get down to the brass tacks! I love to draw, and I want to draw your lovely critters. Let's do this! === Prices: === Chibi Characters, human or anthro - $5 Busts, full color and from the shoulders up - $10 1/2 Body, full color and from the hips...