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  1. foxpawmcfly

    New FA Genders undid all my previous submissions

    Firstly, I'm very glad to see that FA has added more options to the submission categories. However, since most of my 1000+ submissions were labeled as "Transgender", and that option was removed and replaced with "Transgender (Male)" and "Transgender (Female)", now the vast majority of my...
  2. Skakuna

    Help with character needed.

    I hope I'm posting it in the right section... So, here's a thing. I'm writing rp with my friend for a couple of years already. We had 2 rps, and one of them I kinda ended and restarted so it's practically new rp. And in that new one, one of my main characters got... well. Long story short, she...
  3. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    Need a bit of a text color enhancing.

    The other themes are very choppy and the one I'm currently using on FAF is "retro" in "beta". It's the neatest of the available themes, in my opinion. The problem is, in the commissions area, the dark green font is difficult to see. I have to highlight it just so I can read it clearly, even on...