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flat color

  1. peachyacid

    NSFW and SFW Commissions starting at $10!

    I am open for NSFW and SFW commissions! SKETCH: Shoulder-up: $10 Half body: $15 Full body: $20 LINE ART: Shoulder-up: $15 Half body: $20 Full body: $30 LINES+FLAT COLOR: Shoulder-up: $20 Half body: $30 Full body: $35 LINES+SHADING: Shoulder-up: $30 Half body: $35 Full body: $45...
  2. mildboy

    Reference Sheets $15-$30

    I can do a reference sheet like this for $15-$30 depending on complexity
  3. N

    Limited Sketchin' Flats Slots

    So um, i decided to open up some free slots to provide examples for trades. I like to call these Sketchin' Flats because they're largely just sketches with flats over them. I don't have any examples so these are experimental. If you want one and these are limited in space to three folks then...
  4. W

    Blue_Owl Commissions | Adoptables

    Hello there! I'm Wietrzyca aka Blue Owl here and I'm kinda new here, but I feel enough to start some commissions and design/characters selling. You should know that I will draw with pleasure all kind of felines but I can draw also other animals (I'll do my best!). I have some simple rules...
  5. SaruCharmed

    Face/avatar ($20+), bust/side profile ($40+), full body ($70+)

    Info on the different types of commissions I can do is here. Sorry I haven't posted more here. Most of my best examples are mature, but you can see them on the link below. Each submission featured on my commissions page also has links to other examples, and you can also check out my gallery...
  6. Fleshers

    $10 Flat Color Fullbody Coms (Furry, Quad, ect)

    As the title says, I'm offering flat color fullbodies for $10 a piece for a limited time. Slots are unlimited until my goal is reached, and each order should be completed within 24 hours of order placement. :3 Check me out on FA for more examples. (Fleshers)
  7. Arlethallan

    commissions open! 7-60$

    Hello all, i'm a lil short on cash so iv'e opened up five slots for commissions! Please pm me if you are interested. Payment will be through paypal,and will be half before i start and half before i send the high res file. 1.[taken] 2.Open 3.Open 4.Open 5.Open Lineless shaded- Refrence Sheet...
  8. SunnyBunnyCitrusButt

    SFW and NSFW Commissions

  9. Golden_Gummy

    Headshots Flat color

    Feeling like doing some art. Here is an example of one I've done. This did take up to 6 hours because of the hair, so be patient please.
  10. YingNeko

    Pay Pal commissions starting at $5!

    All works are a minimum of lined and flat colored. Chibi: $5 Waist up: $10 Full body: $15 Add shading: $5 + add background: $15
  11. Beachsand

    Beachsand's Commissions (Added a hug variety of options!)

    !! Special deal! Spend $30 and get a 10% discount for future commissions until April 20th !! Slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. NOTE that I do not draw pornography/fetish or self harm related content. Gore as well as candy gore is acceptable. I accept USD (paypal) Purchases are...
  12. crocutacrocuta

    $10 Sketch Commission Sale

    Hey, you can call me Gabe. I'm new around here, so please be gentle with me... Anyway, I'm doing sketch commissions! All flat color for $10 each. All waist up. Examples here: I will do: -Humans -Furries -Animals -Dragons I won't do: -Robots 4 Slots only. Slot 1: Open Slot 2: Open...
  13. supermint

    NEW $8 Binary Avatars, Halfbody + Fullbody Comms

    Binary Avatar Commissions $8 100x100 pixels Lined with binary pen, cel shaded White outline Solid color background — Disclaimers >> Price may vary if character design is complicated. Order form here!
  14. Robin-Residue

    Robin's Commissions are OPEN!!

    Hey, everyone! I'm kickstarting commissions, and I'd love to work very closely with clients and create something we'll both love. Don't worry if you're looking for something that I don't have listed in my commissions. I'm very versatile, and we can work out a fair price for whatever it is you're...
  15. impendingsenseofdoom

    Simple Commissions (sfw and nsfw, starting at $10)

    I'm going to be open for commissions If you're interested, message me here, on furaffinity or send me an email at garciajeanine@yahoo.com Here's more info on my commission prices: New Commission Info!!! -- impendingsenseofdoom's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net And a few examples of my work:
  16. RouchXT-7

    3 commission slots! starting at 5$

    greetings! commission info here, they are quite simple, doing nsfw too. Commission Info for RouchXT-7 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net me needs doing commissions xwx 3 slots
  17. Ludovique

    Ludovique's Commissions - [OPEN]

    See more of my art here: Userpage of ludovique -- Fur Affinity [dot] net THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: - Bodily waste - Anything above a pg-13 rating (tasteful nudity is ok though!) COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN If you are interested in commissioning me, please send an email to lexicorncreations[at]gmail.com.
  18. RouchXT-7

    NSFW and SFW commissions!

    hello! commissions open! n.n you can see my pieces here!: Userpage of rouchxt-7 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net i accept recomendations due im recently into this business ^^ my prices are... sketch: 5$ / background: +3$ /extra characters: +4$ flat color : 10$ / background: +5$ /extra characters...
  19. Limizuki

    $25 Full Body, Flat Color

    Hey guys! I am offering Full Body, Flat colored images for $25 (complex characters are subjected to a higher price, and i may offer upgrades in the future to shaded pieces), but i do have a few rules: -Paypal or debit (via paypal invoicing) only -SFW only (though tasteful nudity via pin-up is...
  20. Doomslayer-Dragon

    PWYW Commissions

    Because I have about zero idea of what my art is worth Dx I saw that the minimum here was $5 so we'll start there! You can find all my current furry related art (not a lot at all) on my profile! Doomslayer-Dragon (Userpage of doomslayer-dragon -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I also need to beef up...