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flat price

  1. Mov.exe

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Knotty Boy NSFW Base (OPEN)

    Flat price of $45 for Flat coloring! Limited (3) Slots!! [2 Slots have been claimed] Additional prices: + $20 for Rendering (This includes the character, and Background.) + $5 for Changes (This can change the type of Penis you want changed, or the Species itself, Added in clothing, Etc.)...
  2. Jynxthejinx

    Female dragon adopt ($30-$50)

    Please don’t message me here, go to the original post vvvv https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47358139/ Please be aware that I am posting this almost everywhere! So first come first served! Both prices are flat prices but if you want add ons for the first offer, it’ll be an additional $5...
  3. Wheeze

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) $50 MINI COMMISSIONS!! Customs also available! Cartoony or Cute styles!

    i'm in need of a bit of cash for rent and food and such, so i'm opening a batch of mini commissions! these will all be a flat price of $50 (+$20 for custom designs) and will include the following: full color (lines, flats, shading) two styles to choose from (cartoony or cute/"neopets" style)...
  4. Kirill

    $8-$30 Hot Dinosaur Anthro, Human, Cute Chibi

    Hi! You can find me and my characters/auctions and flat prices here https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kirillrusakov/ I will show you more designs soon!
  5. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Spooky Mermaid Adopts ( €30 )

    Price - €30 each FA link - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38777480/
  6. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Bunny Anthro Adopt + Alt palette! (starting at €15)

    Price - €15 Extras: -- Pay €10 extra for a custom outfit for one of the palettes! -- Pay €5 extra for 4 new facial expressions of your choice! \^^/ FA link - www.furaffinity.net: Bunny Anthro Adopt + Alt palette! [ OPEN ] by OstrichAdopts
  7. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts ( €15 )

    Price - €15 each This lovely base was made by n00ney on DA! FurAffinity link - www.furaffinity.net: Canine Adopts [ 4/4 open ] by OstrichAdopts
  8. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts ( €20 )

    Price: €20 each The buyer can make their adopt into an anthro if they want to : ) This base was made by Shinzessu! FurAffinity link - www.furaffinity.net: canine adopts [ 3/3 open ] by OstrichAdopts
  9. liofotia

    (Base/YCH) Selling: NSFW Animated YCH $55-$95

    Selling an animated NSFW YCH of your character riding a d*ck YCH here (NSFW LINK) The rapid changing of anatomy and species in the gif is just to show the versatility, finished product will just be your character without any erratic anatomy changes SB: $40 MB: $2 AB: $200 (Autobuy will be...
  10. ReeseCapeesh

    (Base/YCH) Selling: my first SFW($48) and NSFW($24) YCH! :D

    Hi everyone! I am a very experienced artist but recently started to focus more on furry art! If you like anime art, Perfect! I will make another post for my anime and furry general commissions! my SFW couple YCH is going for $48 flat! -clean lineart and flat colors! the NSFW i cant show, but...
  11. samuraiswordz

    [NSFW YCH - FLAT PRICES] Christmas Get Together [OPEN]

    (NSFW) Link to Auction: www.furaffinity.net: [YCH] Christmas Get Together [OPEN] by samuraiswordz Hello! Putting this out early to try to get it done before Christmas. Everyone who buys a slot will get an HD version Terms: - PayPal Only, I will need your e-mail to send an invoice - Prices are...
  12. UBCalico

    $9 Full-Body Gore Commissions!

    I have 2 slots open for gory full-body commissions! Everything is the buyer’s choice - pose, props, clothed or not, right down to the color scheme of the gore. My only restriction is that these are NOT sexual (i.e. not ero guro). I can do any species, but I’m best at canines, bears, and...
  13. samuraiswordz

    Selling THREE Flat Price [Adopts]

    Tasteful NSFW link www.furaffinity.net: +ADOPT BATCH+ 2 by samuraiswordz Rules: - First come, first serve - Paypal and USD only - you will receive an invoice - Payment must be made within 24 hours of acceptance - Feel free to re-sell, but please sell them at the same price you got it from me...