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flight rising

  1. SeastarryNight

    Looking to do art for Flight Rising Imperial Scroll

    I'm looking to do some art in trade for an Imperial Scroll from Flight Rising! If you have one and are interested please PM me! I can show you art examples and we can work something out!
  2. SeastarryNight

    Have Furvilla Beta stuff if anyone wants to trade Petsite game stuff

    I was a Furvilla beta tester and have the beta stuff (The sword of discourse, the female beta bug, some 5 digit villagers.) I never really got into the game so if anyone who would actually appreciate the stuff wants to do some cross site trading I'm all for it! I'd prefer Flight Rising but...
  3. deessel

    Anyone plays Flight Rising?

    Hey furs and scalies, I was wondering who else likes to play Flight Rising. In case you don't know what it is, Flight Rising is a dragon pet/breeding site which features several dragon breeds and bands called "Flights" that you can join. Home | Flight Rising So who else is into it or has played...
  4. Alyxsandre

    Any Inactive Flight Rising Beta/KickStarters Out There?

    Tryin' to become active on Furaffinity and this is the first thing I post x'D how shameless of me. Anyways, T'name's Nia, or Alyx! And I'm on a quest o - o (I hope I'm not breaking any rules doing this... right? Right? I hope x'D) I'm actually on the hunt for some of the kickstarter items and...
  5. insomniverse

    Insomniverse's Stuff

    If you're interested, you can check out my FA gallery here! Hey there! I just kinda wanted somewhere to dump all my recent digital art haha. Here's a commission I did of this lil guy from Flight Rising! I did this piece while I was testing out Picarto last night. Thinking of doing another...
  6. minny

    ATC Sale, Pinups, Masks, & More

    Hello, everyone! First and foremost, if it's not an embedded picture, I'd like to warn you that any link you may follow in this post may (and probably will) take you to a page that will show NSFW content if logged into FA proper. I'm running a sale on full-color single character Artist...
  7. L

    "Mom..?" Dooooooodle.

    What do you think? It took me one hour , I came up with this because today I was going to visit the city of my birth xD
  8. Cyrilcynder

    Dragons or Other Critters (Feral)

    Prices: (Simple refers to a younger dragon, or one with out clothing or jewelry, Complex refers to one with clothing and jewelry) Simple dragon, simple background, basic or iridescent colors: $5 Complex dragon, simple background, basic or iridescent colors: $8 Simple dragon, simple...