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flower crown

  1. fluffgator

    (Base/YCH) Selling: LGBTQ+ Flower Power! $50 flat-price; colored/shaded bust

    #PrideMonth is here, so I sketched out some cute YCH busts to sell to start off the celebrations of self! Flowers will be redrawn with more precise detail and colored to match your LGBTQ+ flag of your specification. Limited slots available; I'll probably close this YCH later in the month or...
  2. Empurror

    YCH - Flowers!

    NOTES - It will be fully colored with shading. (See gallery HERE or HERE for examples) - Any species/gender/body shape is fine. - No NSFW - Expression can be changed. - Characters with complex designs or additional limbs are +$10 AUCTION RULES - Payment is in USD and paid through Paypal...
  3. zombietoes

    Easter YCH! Cute + SFW

    Bid here -> www.furaffinity.net: Easter YCH! by Zombietoes