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  1. momodesugart


    ⭐ JACK-O CHALLENGE YCH OPEN!⭐ (Unlimited slots) Any species / any gender SFW nude / with an outfit - Price - - $35 Fullcolor- - PayPal only - - You'll get a PNG image with a simple background (as shown in the sample) and a PNG image with transparency (so you can turn it into a sticker if...
  2. Kuurose

    Request: I recently made myself a little lynx fursona, would anybody like to draw her?

    I call her Crescent The way her fur looks is meant to resemble a half moon in a way She's basically the silly and friendly type of character Usually likes to draw, play video games or listen to some music If you have questions about her, feel free to ask!
  3. Winterr88

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Dinosaur adoptables!

    Hi! Help me find them a home! (And buying an ipad) Click here to claim one! (PAYPAL ONLY! ) Base by snowalpaca13
  4. Darknessis

    [OPEN] YCH $25+ CHIBI Feline - Dragon

    Hi! A little fluffy bun wants to be realized. and maybe to your liking.) Feline or Dragon (feline-like) More: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/darknessis/ Attention! Version 18+ - 100$ AB in a separate lot! ___ • Min. Bid - $2 USD • 4 days from the start of the bet • feline only (or...
  5. vystarlit

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Moonbeym Adopt Auction

    SB: $15.00 MI: $2.00 Bid Here
  6. Y

    commissions are open

    I paint for a fee. 1 hour of work $ 18. Write to me if you are interested in how it will be. The speed of creating an illustration is 2-3 hours per character. The term of creation is according to the schedule, at the agreed hour and day. Digital view. No refunds are possible after the...
  7. Nacht.Wolf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: NSFW kitty character for sale!

    See her here - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40258465/ Flatsale - Paypal (Design only) - $25.00 +$25.00 rendered simple chibi - example: https://sta.sh/01izdo9shmjm (you don't get this one, this is personal art and just an example of the add on commission style) (Other commission options...
  8. C

    15$ Fluffy Pomeranian Adopt

    15$, paypal!! comment or message me if you are interested! i can give you an adopt image without background after purchase
  9. G

    [ADOPTABLE] Cocker Spaniel Lady [OPEN]

    Here's FA link - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38788971/ and ych.commisions too - https://ych.commishes.com/auction/show/K18D/adoptable-cocker-spaniel-baby/ -SB $25 -MI $5 -AB $250 RULES: - Only Paypal in USD - Payment required 24h after the auction ends. - Be sure you can pay the...
  10. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Some art of my fox please

    If anyone's interested in drawing some cute art then hmu! ------------ Originally made her here: kemono maker⋈|Picrew
  11. Rezika's pack

    (Other) Selling: Snow leopard head Auction! ($5-$100)

    This snow Leopard head is up for grabs! It comes with fluffy and none fluffy layout! Starting bid-$5 Maximum increase-$10 Autobuy-$200 By May 30th it will be closed, now here's the pretty snow leopard! Fluffy version:
  12. Michaels_Fan

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Old bat adopts I found, $20paypal each.

    Howdy! I found a few old adopts I made last year. They never did sell, so I'm putting them up for adoption! You own the character after buying. I designed and drew it, so please credit me. I can add text of your choice, such as name, gender, pronouns. (Will remove watermarks) Please comment...
  13. UwUCarlaUwU

    anyone know any sfw furry discords i could join?

    Snowflake#4875 here's my tag ^^
  14. UwUCarlaUwU

    Any tips on how to be a furry

    idk, im just so confused by all of this cool stuff! I wanna show it to everyone, but my mom hates furries, :P so...any tips on what to do to release my furriness in a safe place, that i won't get judged in?
  15. Mokkeo

    (Commission) Selling: kemono style chibi Commissions (OPEN) 25$ - 85$

    https://mokkeo.uwu.ai ^ click link above for all my commission prices! things i draw - ferals -furries -magical creatures sfw - pin-ups
  16. DrachAttack

    A Random Drolfen Appears

    hello I am Drach the Drolfen (dragon/wolf combo) and have just recently joined the forum here. I am 25, love anime, gaming and metal and I very much enjoy talking with people. hope to get to know some of you more
  17. RainFlame

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Leopard-taur Adopt Auction- OPEN!

    Hello! I have a Leopard-taur character that is now OTA :) www.furaffinity.net: Leopard-Taur Adopt- OPEN! by RainFlame
  18. Jiccs

    Maroon Ref

    Just a place to reference my new sona, Maroon! She is a Ferx, a hybrid race between a fox and a ferret that I created. Her personality is being intelligent and charismatic, always having something quirky to say. Her main goal is to live life to the fullest ^ Base courtesy of Doodle Bunny...
  19. Simo

    Most Mischievous Type of Fox

    The fandom is filled with foxes, of various types, as anyone outside of the fandom taking even a preliminary peek would immediately see. And, there are numerous species of foxes. Which of these main types do you find the most mischievous, bratty and/or sneaky? :P I'm gonna limit it to the 4...
  20. plumoaster_dis

    Open full color commisions (starting at 5 usd)

    headshot: 5 usd chibi: 7 usd halfbody: 10 usd my conditions here: www.deviantart.com: Commision conditions if you are interesed dm me!