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foam head

  1. Lobie5

    Critique: Foam base too bumpy

    So, I've begun work on my first fursuit head, and I love it SO MUCH. :D The process is very fun and exciting, and I'm already learning so much. Since I would like to make another in the future, I wanted to get some advice so that the next one can be better. Here's what I have so far: (i...
  2. Skakuna

    Tips plz?

    So, today I started making my very first fursuit. Here you can see the resoults of the first day of making: So, except of symethry that needs fixing... Any thoughts so far? Any tips or something? Also, what does it look like to you? I mean, I was aiming at a dog, but I'm not sure if you can see...
  3. Angela Rutigliano

    How can I make a head larger?

    So i made a foam head of Bonnie the Bunny from FNAF and i finished it, i used felt to cover it. But its kinda small and digs into my face. I have a con at the end of the month and a contest but its really painful. Any idea how to fix it?? I have plenty of foam and felt left over. But as you can...