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  1. Just_A_Tundra

    I have a question about folders...

    Is it possible to have images that are submitted into the main gallery folder only appear in a different folder? I want to separate my art so certain images can be exempt from the main gallery. And if this is possible, How would I make that folder be age-restricted, if at all possible?
  2. Lorel

    Main Site Folders unsortable

    I recently added a new folder to my FA gallery and wanted to sort it into it's correct position. Only to then find out that the sorting doesn't work proper anymore. You click on an arrow and either nothing happens or the folder is just randomly pushed somewhere. It's super annoying. This is...
  3. Orcashia

    Organizing my submissions

    With my new submissions I have been able to put them in the 'sculpture' folder. I also have a folder titled 'photography', which was made eons ago. I went into my gallery and I was wondering if there is a way to put things in the different folders so that all my sculptures are in that folder...
  4. daeofthepast

    Folders for Faves??

    hi i'm pretty new to FA(left years ago and came back) so i still don't know how to work a lot of things how do you make folders for your favorites?? or is there a different way to better organize my favorites?? :0
  5. CyberMark

    Suggestions: Small Things that make a great Difference

    I have been enjoying FA (an Im using the new theme template) for quiet a while but there are a few implementations that I think would make the experience so much better. Please have in mind that I am no mod, or a programmer, and I am totally not qualified to make accurate propositions and that...
  6. Espinoth

    Make Featured Submission a folder, instead of a single static image?

    There are a number of sites out there that do this, such as DeviantArt and Weasyl, so I don't see why FA wouldn't be able to as well. Reasoning behind this is; it's often very difficult for artists and commissioners to decide on what piece in their gallery they like the most. Some might have...