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food for thought

  1. Yazoht

    Stand-Up Comedy!

    D'you know of some good stand-up/improv skits or specials? Today is a good day for jokes about food: (4.5 mins) George Carlin - Food Advertising (12 mins) John Pinette - Around The World In 80 Buffets (40 mins) Jim Gaffigan- Best Fast Food Jokes Compilation
  2. KaraBelmont

    Regarding Gender Terms and "Fetishing" Terminology

    I've recentely become somewhat frustrated with the furry community for it's simultaneous inclusuion of any and all gender identies, as well its sudden hatred and shunning of certain terms. My sona, Kara is a hermaphrodite. She has a penis, a pair of testicles and a vagina. By dictionary...
  3. Pheanir

    Is feedback by a layman important?

    Something I noticed about feedback while browsing different websites (not only on FA): It seems like when somebody who isn't a professional criticizes somebody else's work on a constructive level it gets rejected - especially if the criticism targets somebody who actually is a professional...