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  1. a sleepy kitty

    Candy and sweets from A to Z

    Just got into the Halloween spirit last week. It gave me an idea for a game. Let's make an alphabetical list of candy and sweets! I'll start with A. A - Altoids
  2. TyraWadman

    FAF Food Blog

    Seeing as how it was a reoccurring thing on my game thread, here. Have a new home~ Anyone can post here, blocked or otherwise. I won't be subscribing to it! Talk about it. Share pics of it/recipes. Have fun!
  3. zenmaldita

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Group Autumn YCH - 1 Slot Left!

    Full-Res is 5k pixels x 5k pixels You will receive 2 files: a group image and a closeup of your character. ANY species, gender, body shape. wings and horns ok OK expression change, small pose edit FINISH sample 1 | sample 2 | sample 3 SB 1 .... $80 Minimum Bid $5 Bidding Ends 48 hours...
  4. Nexus Cabler

    Food from around the world

    So the last time there was a thread about food, it didn't go so well. I want to fix that today. I think it should be said that there are amazing foods all over the world, delicious deserts, to highly nutritious afternoon snacks. It's incredible what us humans as a species have been able to...
  5. RuffTumbling

    Your dream meal?

    We all are human so that means we LOVE to eat. We like all sort of foods of all different cultures. If you could eat a BIG meal of the food of your dreams, what would they be? Here is mine: a huge bowl of fancy Japanese meaty Pho soup with a side of giant crab legs (specifically Alaskan) that...
  6. Yazoht

    Stand-Up Comedy!

    D'you know of some good stand-up/improv skits or specials? Today is a good day for jokes about food: (4.5 mins) George Carlin - Food Advertising (12 mins) John Pinette - Around The World In 80 Buffets (40 mins) Jim Gaffigan- Best Fast Food Jokes Compilation
  7. T

    What is the favorite food of the person above you?

    Title is self explanatory! Just write what you think is the favorite food of the person above you. Simple. :P
  8. TyraWadman

    What should we have for dinner?

    The Game: I'm hungry but don't know what we should get. Help me decide. And yes, even though I'm hungry, we BOTH have to settle on something. I CAN'T just be the only one eating!!! Whomever can get us me to settle on something, wins. (No this isn't me trying to figure out a meal plan. I am...
  9. D

    The "strangest" foods you've ever eaten

    The term is sort of subjective here considering some people love what others find incredibly odd. What foods have you eaten that you thought were bizarre? Pictures of your example would be greatly appreciated. For me, it was alligator tail. I tried it many years ago. I'd admit it would be...
  10. sparrowexe

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Selling Pokemon Designs

    I decided to try and sell some Pokemon I made here since I haven't been utilizing this site much and DeviantArt took a dive. These three are $5 apiece by Paypal. Once bought you can do whatever you like with your design. Once bought you will be sent the transparent unwatermarked image.
  11. Hikarty

    (Commission) Selling: Food charity commissions sale! (5-50 euro)

    For context: Spain is really messed up by covid (like many other countries) and our politicians seem to be rather useless - more and more people keep losing their jobs because we've been in lockdown for months since March and we are close to it again. The number of people depending on food...
  12. Yakamaru

    Food recipes, now with 100% more actual recipes!

    What would life be without the wonders of cuisine? I know we have some threads like these buried in the archives(somewhere), but I've never really been fond of necroing old threads, so lets make a new one! This thread is for all the food you make. Pictures of what you make is always a plus, as...
  13. Vitamin B12

    Snacks You Like That Horrify Everyone Else

    I'll go first: I like a good mayonnaise sandwich. Slice of bread, cover it in mayo, fold in half, eat. Mmmm
  14. M

    Gardening Thread 2020

    I think it's that time of year again, at least in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, to discuss gardening and planting. So far I've started out with planting Carrots, Peas, Radishes and lettuce. I'll probably plant potatoes, squash and beans later. What sort of gardening is...
  15. K

    Give me an easy recipe!

    Hey guys, it is the day before grocery day and I am hungry. I have ramen noodles, eggs, a bit of milk, and basic stuff. Give me some recipes that are easy, please!
  16. DLewis28

    Food Frenzy

    Post a picture of your favorite food.
  17. B

    Create the Perfect Burger

    Hey! Do you like 'Murican food? (Sorry, please don't kill me.) Share your perfect burger idea with me. I need ideas and I'd love to try new types of burgers! Mine: Bottom bun (whole wheat, no seeds) Ketchup/Mustard 1 Angus burger patty, medium rare 1 slice of munster cheese 1 Beefsteak tomato...
  18. I

    Post desserts you love

    I'll start off with some yummy and rich lava cake you can get at fancy restaurants
  19. Wydness

    Have you ever eaten the same species as your sona?

    Might be kind of an odd question, but hey, maybe this can turn into a weird recommendation thread. Have you ever eaten the same species as your sona? I tried alligator at a restaurant tonight, and... realized I was doing exactly that.
  20. M

    Corn/Maize Appreciation Thread

    Since I haven't made a food thread in awhile and it's that time of year again, I though I should make a thread in honor of corn/maize.