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  1. Punji

    What are your favorite kinds of paw?

    Inspired by the posterior thread. :p Favourite types of paws? I love me some soft fuzzy paws with pads and claws. Cute! Let's not beat around the bush and just get to the paws. :D Just remember to be careful as always about posting some of the more sultry content directly! Here's one to start...
  2. Simo

    Would you tickle the footpaws (hooves, &c.) of the furry above you?

    Pretty self-explanatory...add whatever details suit your fancy.
  3. FreyjaShepherd

    Hiring: Looking for FeetPaws!

    Hi there everyone! I commissioned a head and tail already and i'm making the bodysuit and hand paws myself. But, i don't feel confidant enough to make myself feet paws. Is there anyone willing to do this for me? I have canvas shoes already in my proper size that I can send along. They would...
  4. P


    Are you a dominant master? do you enjoy the filthy, smelly kinks? if so please get in touch! id like to have someone thats detailed with there roleplays and really gets into filth, whilst feral is prefered i am fine with anthro too! Whats filth? Scat, Watersports, BO, sweat, Farts, Vomit, foot...