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for fun

  1. Punji

    Species Desirability: Physical Verses Cultural Attractiveness

    It is no secret fursona species composition is heavily biases in favour of certain animals over others. Exactly why is this? Two common examples are wolves and foxes, both typically depicted in positive manners by Western societies. "Lone wolf," loyal like a wolf, "sly as the fox," "quick as a...
  2. Benji Zero Devos

    Who Do You Think Is Hotter?

    Title asks it all!
  3. Zenoth

    Zipline's noodles and booze get together!

    Don't fret about gas money or air fare, this is an online meet up. Organised by Zipline and noodle help from me. Come get over your middle of the week blahs with tasty pasta and booze ^^. We have everything from angel hair pasta up to lasagna and everything in between (even wai wai) There is...
  4. shapeless0ne

    how did you know that your fursona was right?

    like the title says this thread will be for politely discussing how everyone knew there current fursona was right for them. ^.=.^ I've made this thread for people like me, who form day one in the fandom haven't been able to stay one species of fursona for very long "for example stayed a lion...