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for hire

  1. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions guidelines

    Hy peeps, I updated my commission guidelines for 2023~ - - Payment by paypal, over USD40 you can make two installments, one upon agreement and the rest upon delivery. - sizes are in pixels and are just reference, it might vary according to pose etc. every resolution is 300dpi. This applies to...
  2. CommissionsNOW

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Open for commissions!

    Hello! I'm open for new commissions in a variety of styles. Send me a message! https://www.deviantart.com/commissionsnow/art/Cows-Making-Ice-Cream-In-A-1960s-Kitchen-800998401 https://www.deviantart.com/commissionsnow/art/Moon-Shadow-Emotes-858543828...
  3. Lunneus

    (Commission) Selling: Open for all commission types! Furry, Humanoids, and Monsters! ($10-$65 base price)

    Hello hello! I'm Lunney, or Kay and I'm here for all your commissioning needs ✨ I specialize in Furries(Anthros), Ferals, and Monsters, but I can also draw human characters! Terms of Service The Boring stuff, I know i know but this is for you and me! You can view the TOS in full >Here< It's...
  4. MightyWheelchair

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Simple MLP YCH for 10$ each

    I can make ponies, changelings, kirins, hippogryphs and griffons :3 I take payment through Paypal with full payment upfront You can message me through the forum, since I don't have a telegram account yet. EDIT: I've made a telegram account, you can text me there! https://t.me/MightyWheelchair
  5. Doppelfoxx

    Experienced writer and graphic designer, specializing in furry content, excited to work on any project!

    Hi there! Looking for someone to provide energetic, original content of any kind? My name is Gabriel Foxx - co-founder of social media label Doppelfoxx, furry author, and freelancer. I have four years of experience with the art of the written word and would positively love to see what we could...
  6. Doppelfoxx

    Experienced writer looking for all commissions

    Greetings! My name is Gabriel Foxx, and I'd positively love to reach out and start doing some work for you guys! Feel free to ask for a specific price quote per project, and I'll see what I can do. Writing prices hinge tightly upon what kind of product you are looking for, but everything will be...
  7. Doppelfoxx

    Writing, Art, Conceptual Editorial Commissions

    Hello, and welcome! Gabriel Foxx here. Finally, after psyching myself up for a long time, I am very happy to announce that as of today, I am open for writing, art, and storyboarding commissions! WRITING - Approx. $1 per 100 words, heavily depending on format ART - $10-$25 PROFESSIONAL...
  8. Nobel_via

    (Commission) Selling: Professional concept artist and illustrator. $25/hour

    Hey, My name is Nobel. I'm quite new to furry fandom, despite the fact that I had a number of furry commissions done in past years. I really would love to explore this area more. My e-mail is Noblebatterfly@gmail.com I have a professional experience as a concept artist and because of that, I...
  9. robododo

    (Commission) Selling: Hungry Writer Offering Writing Commissions and Picture Captions! ($25 and 5$ min respectively)

    PRICES UPDATED Right, having some monetary problems right now, so I figured I'd try my hand at offering myself as an author. I'm willing to write stories both SFW and NSFW. I'm not willing to write ageplay for obvious reasons. I'll bring up any other issues that I may have as they come. Right...
  10. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: [animated gifs, NSFW and SFW :D $15-60] COMMISSIONS OPEN [Portraits, PFP, gifs and more!]

    Hi all I like to work with ink and watercolor but I also do digital painting and lineart if that's your thing. [Patreon ad: www.patreon.com/almophada check it out if you feel like it :) ] # Prices range from $15-$60 depending on char quantity, pose, size and background. Portraits, chibi and...
  11. Samantha Rose

    Open Commissions for Everything (NSFW/SFW)

    ~~Aye itsa me Sammii~~ So I'm willing to do whatever you want from some sweet fluff to hardcore NSFW pieces. Whatever your little heart desires I'm here to deliver. All pieces of art are custom and pricing varies for each thing i do so its never a set price, I am 100% willing to work with...
  12. Wind Song

    Badges, Full Works, or Wood Works available!

    I offer many types of works to fit your budget Traditional Badges - range from $30-$100+ Woodworks - range from $50-$200+ Traditional Art - range from $75-$350 to see more examples check out my pages at FA:Userpage of WindSong83 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA: WindSong83 on DeviantArt FB...
  13. werewolf-kun

    YCH Sale -- "Rookie Move"

    Your Character Here -- "Rookie Move" www.furaffinity.net: Rookie Move -- YCH by werewolf-kun This is a Spirits-themed YCH auction that I am hosting ! You get a chance at your character being trained by the mutant-hunter Mags. Although, there's a reason it's called training. This image will be...
  14. DarkAdobe

    Icons, Badges, Full Bodied Characters!

    Hi! So, I've got some time in my hands and not a lot of inspiration at the moment, so why don't I spend it on working on something for you? I can do badges, icons and more, all depending on your taste! ' Full commission prices here: Commission Info for DarkWolfNana -- Fur Affinity...
  15. Lenn

    human commissions by negatedagain

    Yo! I'm here just for commissions. You can find me on Deviantart, same username. More examples can be found in my gallery. ignore the headshot option on that price list! now for headshots i have this: experimental portrait comimssions, offer min. $10 important: i take a few days, up to a...
  16. Hidingmonster

    Digital Art Commissions

    Currently Open for Commissions! I'm trying to save up some money, So i'm open for pretty much anything! I'm currently jobless also so I could really use the work! You can follow me on other sites too, I post all over! FA: Userpage of hidingmonster -- Fur Affinity [dot] net DA: HidingMonster on...
  17. Justwannadrawmeng

    Justwannadrawmeng's Commissions ($30/hr)- Accepting requests daily as well

    Hey everyone! Let me start this out by saying that I'm not a furry! I just want to get that out there so no one is offended or put off if there are obvious things within this community that I'm not aware of. That said I LOVE drawing animals anthropomorphic or not and as a professional artist who...
  18. Soren49

    Artist for hire

    Hello, My name is Shelby Hughes, I am an artist with a BFA who studied illustration and graphic design. I have many skills and I'm capable of drawing just about anything outside of robots. I enjoy drawing stickers, posters, logos, animals, portraits, cartoons, and designs of all kinds, I'm even...