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  1. furvoreite

    What furry novel you wish existed?

    Let's say your favourite author agrees to write a novel for you. Any novel at all. What would you ask them to write? What would the novel be about? Please be as specific as you can :3 Personally, I think I'd want an adventure-romance novel between a human and an anthro. It's such a rare breed...
  2. strwbrylmnd

    Adoptable !

    o o o This babe is for adopt! She is custom, no base used. If bought, you will get her transparent and non-watermarked character art! Her SB is 10usd, and her AB is 40usd.
  3. A

    Teach Me Your Furry Ways

    I am unfortunately standing alone in a metaphorical field without much understanding of my surroundings. I have appreciated furry art for years now, but I have only known a very small handful of furries throughout my life. Perhaps we can get a private discussion going or whatever so I can maybe...
  4. A

    Sketch for Firestar

    A friend of mine recently requested that I design a fursona for her and this is what I came up with. The character's appearance and personality traits are heavily inspired by that friend. This drawing is actually the first time in at least a year that I've completed a pencil-to-paper piece as I...
  5. C

    Tips/tricks for better art?

    My current artwork looks like crap and I want to improve. Is there any good art program out there that's free? I'm only using MS Paint (Which is known to be one of the worst, but I'm used to it). And if you can't help me there, how about some helpful tricks when using MS Paint? To show my...
  6. Grayspine

    Human looking for a horse!

    Hey there! Second post on this forum, haha(still figuring stuff out ;v; ) This post is pretty basic, so I'll just explain now: I'm kinda just looking for someone with either a horse sona or horse character(Centaur's are cool too, by the way!! c: ). I've always loved horses, annndd anytime I've...
  7. Grayspine

    Human boi looking for RP (Always active)

    Okay so I've never used this forum before so bear with me if I'm doing something wrong LOL I was really freaked out to use this cause uhhhh SOCIALIZING IS SCARY. Anyway, I'm just a human boyo looking for some peeps who might wanna RP. I'm down for descriptive stuff, as well as more casual/easier...
  8. Sugar.Rush

    Selling a dragonness

    Hello. I am trying to sell my old main sona i dont feel attached to anymore. I am in a little bit of a bind, and would like to sell her as fast as possible. I am looking to get at least $115 for her, but I am open to other offers. She is here for sale: www.furaffinity.net: Flat Price $95 by...
  9. W

    New RPer looking for partner/teacher!

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for an individual who is up to RP with someone that is extremely new. Pretty much my first time. When it comes to what I like there really isn't much off the list. There are a few things that I don't really care for and they are: Fat Furs Inflation And although I...
  10. iamthehusky

    Looking For Artists Who Love to Draw Thick Mommas!

    Hello everyone! Looking forward to working with you all again! This time i'm looking to have a few artists do a Pretty HUGE batch of coms of my Character Momma Jerbear! I can link plenty of other Lewder pictures for reference later on but i wont be able to post them here, lest i get another...
  11. PaletteManokit

    Looking for RP partner(s)

    I haven't roleplayed in a long time, and right now it honestly sounds really nice. So if anyone wants to be my RP partner please message me! However, there is one thing that is a no no when I RP with anyone, No NSFWcontent I'm literally fine with almost any RP (as long as it's SFW) so yeah...
  12. Inkblooded

    Looking for: all kinds of icons!

    (Dear mods: I intentionally left the prefix out as this thread is for request, trades AND commissions! Please let me know if that's not ok and I will update it.) I am looking for a few icons of my character. These can either be trades, requests or commissions. For trades, please check my...
  13. Sharphand the Xenomorph

    New Xeno!

    Hi everybodyyy! I'm Sharphand: a 5'7'' Xenomorph Drone! I do all sorts of cool stuff, like fly R/C airplanes and build cool stuff! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and possibly any other Xenos.
  14. Cioze

    Looking for some art of mine and my bfs sonas

    They are a couple and cute pics of them would be awesome! Mana is a pretty shy but very friendly budgie. She likes seasame and peanut bars and other nutty treats, she even love fruits and smooties/milkshakes/coffee/tea/hot chocolate. She has a weakness for chocolate. Her diet is: Anthro...
  15. C

    Searching For a Specific Artist

    Hi! I'm so sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section; I'm completely new here. Anyways, I'm trying to look for this artist I saw a while ago, but now I can't find him anywhere! He has an OC that's a female goat, pretty punk rock looking, I THINK she has a mohawk and some piercings...
  16. TJ-45

    NSFW YCH Available

    WARNING NSFW template: NSFW YCH Please check link for more information. Any species, any gender. Available for 20$-25$. Price covers two versions together: one with fluids visible, one without. 5 slots available as of this posting.
  17. G

    5$ headshot sketches!

    Alright, so I recently did a free request thing, and found I really enjoyed doing headshots sketches! Here are a few examples- You may order as many as you'd like! Message me or reply to this thread, PAYPAL ONLY!
  18. iamthehusky

    Looking For Artists! Show Me What You Got!

    Last time i tried this it worked out really well! And i got so many talented cuties to Draw my character so imma do it again! Hello Hello! I'll cut to the chase and just get right to it! I'm looking for multiple artists to draw a few select pictures(Which most are going to consist of NSFW...
  19. iamthehusky

    Looking For Epic Artist!

    Hey there everyone! My names IAmTheHusky and i'm currently on the search for an artist who is willing to draw two illustrations for me. A 2-part commission where my character : I HAVE PLENTY MORE REFERENCE, BUT MOST OF IT IS NSFW SO I'D RATHER KEEP IT PRIVATE TO PROTECT THE EYES OF THE INNOCENT...
  20. T

    Looking for a Roommate in San Antonio, Texas

    Hiya, this is Ikari, the fursona of a certain human, here to help attempt to find a roommate for the poor guy I call my player. Currently he is on his way home from boot camp, with a whole lot of nothing planned. Currently he is set to be once more living in his father's basement. "I don't...