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  1. Kvirk

    Adopt spirit forest auction [OPEN]

    A spirit out from the depths of the forest. Can you tame it? Auction! SB - 5 US MI - 2 US AB - 50 US no rules, you don't need to notify me about the transfer of the character. The auction will end 24 hours after the last bid, but I can also end early. Payment via PayPal. I give the character...
  2. Pyruus

    Hiring: ($75+) CLOSED: (75-100$) Looking for desktop background

    It's been a while since I've wanted a new piece for my sona, and I've made some minor changes to him. I'm thinking I'd like a desktop background, preferably realistic or semi-realistic, with him in front or near a log cabin in a snowy forest at night. It's lightly snowing, and one can see the...
  3. PalDreamer

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Dragon YCH: "Footprints" SB:70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$

    Whoever leaves these tracks, it would be better for them to get out of this forest as soon as possible... The auction: www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Footprints" [OPEN] by PalDreamer SB: 70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$ The result: 70$-90$ - colored sketchy art Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Sudden rain by...
  4. PalDreamer

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Dragon YCH "Nap on a tree" SB:70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$

    The auction: www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Nap on a tree" by PalDreamer SB: 70$ MB: 10$ AB: 250$ The result: 70$-90$ - colored sketchy art 90-250$ - full detailed art (The more you bid, the higher quality result you'll get!) Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Walk with birds by PalDreamer...
  5. Captain-Reindeer

    Art Trade: 'sona with environment

    hey guys <3 i'm doing an environment piece and I want someone to be the focus! I'd like either a canine, stag or lizard/dragon to practice rendering, and if you're down to draw one of my OCs I'd be really grateful <3 I'm doing another piece in this style: :D post your ocs guys!!
  6. AcerbicSeth

    Fun Little Story

    A few posts I saw around here recently reminded me of this. It's quite a fond memory, one I thought would be fun to share--for those brave enough to read all the way through. About 10 or 11 years ago, an adolescent Acerbic had a group of 2 friends (a surprising story already, I know). Back then...
  7. Arokay

    Stolen Nuts

    My newest portfolio piece, looking for more feedback!
  8. I

    Red Wolves might disappear forever.

    One of the wolf species currently facing the greatest difficulty recovering seems to be the Red Wolf. This is mostly due to human hunting and environmental conditions. It seems there is not much being done to help these animals, and the ones who are trying to make a difference such as...
  9. Looma

    Illustration "Spring Festival" YCH ($180)

    ------------------------------------------------- It's been a while since I could crack my knuckles and draw something for myself - usually my day job work keeps me busy - so this was a refreshing break. I plan to do an illustrative storybook style series of YCH paintings with unique, costumed...
  10. BelieveTheHorror

    [OPEN] Adopt Auction : Zareb

    Bid here: believethehorror.deviantart.com: [OPEN] Adopt Auction : Zareb Starting Bid: 10$ Minimum Raise: 2$ Auto Buy: 40$ RULES - Only serious bidders, please. No holds. Don't bid if you are not sure. - Pay with Paypal or with Points. - Payment must be done within 2 days or I will open...
  11. R

    The Forest

    Scenario: You(your fursona or OC of choice) are walking through the park, and you notice an overgrown trail. Curious you walk along it. About half an hour later, you reach a clearing, imideately noticing a large circle of stones with carvings on them on your right and a crystal clear lake on...
  12. I

    2 x Wolf YCH for sale £15 / $18.50 each

    Spaces for 2 wolf type characters for sale only £15 ($18.50) each. (A full background piece like this would normally start in around £50+ with just one char.) Characters can be owned by same person or I'm happy to collaborate with two different owners. SLOT 1 (Left): SLOT 2(Right): Rules -I...
  13. bow1

    Open YCH Auc,17-46,Wander through the Forest

    Trying to get into fa and would like it if you could check out my YCH Auction. It starts at 17$USD for a fully coloured and shaded piece with background. No bids so far. Thank you. www.furaffinity.net: Open||YCH Auction by bow1
  14. RosetheCrux

    Furry Songs

    The song "Forest" by Twenty One Pilots always makes me think of my experience as a furry. I see it as a song about our inner demons but finding a release from that, even if it's temporary. That's what being a furry is like for me! What songs remind you of your experience as a furry??