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  1. poqqi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fox and Doberman Design Adopt for Sale

    FurAffinity Adopt These two are up for sale over on my Fur Affinity ! Both can be bought for 200$ - negotiable, USD only! + both come with a headshot by me if purchased! I'm new to FurAffinity, so I'm using this to hopefully let this gain some traction <3
  2. CrazyDragon

    Crazy Dragon - Art Thread

    Sharing some recent art on my end! Check out my signature to find where else I lurk on the net.
  3. hyenaspike


    hi everyone. i desperately need to sell my mini partial suit. it’s well made, comes with head, tail and paws along with many extras. preferably shipping to the UK unless the buyer is happy to pay all shipping costs to anywhere else. will be going cheap because of urgency!!! please message me...
  4. RangerReb

    Unique Fursona Auction (SB: $10 USD)

    Hello everyone! This is my first adopt ever made. Original this was going to be a gift for someone, but they didn't like it, so here I am trying to sell him ha. It would really mean a lot to me if someone could take him off of my hands. SB: $10 USD MI: $5 USD AB1: $50 USD AB2: $75 USD (Comes...
  5. RangerReb

    Cute hamster adopts! Make an offer ($5) (3/4 OPEN)

    Here we go folks! My first batch of adopts, designs and base created by yours truly. These took way longer to make than they should have, lol. Don’t see one you like? I can create a custom for you on my base for $5. Here are the babs that are currently available: Sunset Sweetheart-OPEN Sandy...
  6. rationelle

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Good Morning - Valentines day YCH Flat-sale 80$

    Good morning love~ Valentines day YCH OPEN (until - Valentines day Feb. 14) Flat sale - 80$ usd for both characters together. open for a few slots finished example: www.furaffinity.net: Commission: Forever and always by Rationelle Art and design by me - Rationelle - Userpage of Rationelle --...
  7. neondust

    Eche's Commissions . . . OPEN! {$12-$50}

  8. Keiivory

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open! 5$ - 180$

    Any questions or inquiries please note me or comment here. Just because a commission type is not listed here it does not mean I will not offer it if asked so let me know what you want. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Commission Information www.furaffinity.net: Commission...
  9. Keiivory

    (Base/YCH) Selling: 15$ Unlimited Slots!

    Hello!! I am currently selling YCHs with customizable tails and more! They will be fully colored and shaded with any sort of accent you would like; Ex. Jewelry, piercings, etc They can be NSFW or SFW as shown in the examples of the link I am providing. Please consider me, I would greatly...
  10. XseArt

    (Commission) Selling: Headshots/icon 25$

    Hello, I'm selling digital headshots/icons for 25$! Examples: Any species, any gender :) Simple backgrounds only. PM/reply if interested, payment with PayPal only.
  11. Jessica Montana

    Cheap-ish refsheets! starting at $25 !

    I firmly believe ref sheets are a necessity as 9 times out of 10 you need one to commission someone, which is why I don't believe in charging out the butt for them. I offer 2 different types of ref sheets starting at $25 Moderate: $ 25 2 full body views( front,back,side) 2 close ups 2 favorite...
  12. adonneniel

    [OPEN] The Dream Catcher ADOPT AUCTION

    I'm here with yet another adopt. Spent so much time on him and honestly speaking it breaks my heart to sell him as I'm already in love with his story But I don't have time to develop it so I hope he'll find new home and new owner ^^ SB: 40 $ MI: 3 $ AB 1: 80 $ AB 2: 100 $ (you’ll also get...
  13. coonce

    PIXPAW pt 2 of 2 - OPEN adopt, Krezel.

  14. PhaseWolf

    [ADOPT] Neon lights - AUCTION

    SB: $8 MI: $2 AB: $30 (Free headshot if auto bought) PayPal Only. Holds last for 48 hours. Do not claim design as your own. Always properly credit. Slight design changes are okay, but credit must still remain. Outfits are optional and can be changed. Gender and hairstyle can be changed. Winner...
  15. FireSword Furries

    Angel Dragon Adoptable Auction!!! (OPEN)

    Hey Everyone! I'm selling this Angel Dragon Character/Reference sheet! The bidding begins at $15.00-. Minimum bid increase is $1.00-. I I ONLY do business through PayPal. If you want you can bid here OR on my DA page. When the adoptable is sold I will close it on all sites I have it on. The...
  16. munamidraws

    Character & Adopts for Sale! (Updated: 2/18/18)

    Pretty much 6 months ago, my family had money troubles and I could no longer stand to live with them as they've been toxic for most of my life. I moved in with my now husband we got married on December 19th, 2017. Here's the problem though. My husband and I live in two different countries...
  17. Kawaii.Picnic

    Cute Canine Auctions!

    Hi Everyone! I have recently finished up these adopts and am auctioning them! Lineart by myself and original! Will be reused- designs won't be replicated! Payment via PayPal (USD), MI for all auctions is $2. • 1: Wine Drops (Open) • SB: $10 AB : $30 • 2: Midsummer Mango (Open) • SB: $10 AB...
  18. SilveyDesigns

    trading hq designs i dont use for art!

    you can see them all in my tertiary folder here toyhou.se/silveztra you can also offer characters if you want as well
  19. whim-sy

    Wolves For Sale

    Click them to be taken to their page. They range from $8-$20.
  20. ChubbyGhostPrincess


    I'm not sure where to put this, but I have characters I am trying to sell right now. The ones that are tentative are going to need a slightly higher offer and the ones in almost impossible need a really good offer. FLAT PRICE; ** on Toyhouse - $1.50 Indigo and Petal on Toyhouse - $2 Sugar...