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forum game

  1. Punji

    Great Inventors of the FAF

    Create a wondrous invention to sell and make your millions! What could possibly go wrong? Suggested rules: Not actually useful, must seem like it's supposed to be. This one came to me in a dream. A children's toy shaped like a pink plastic walker with wheels and a tray on the top. It picks up...
  2. butchdutch

    Let's Play a Game: Fursona Stereotypes

    The rules are simple: Post what species your fursona is (or if it's too unique, you can put a general umbrella term like "alien") AND THEN post some of the stereotypes you associate with the person's fursona from the previous reply is. Feel free to keep coming back to this thread, just make...
  3. VeeStars

    Caption that image!

    The rules are simple. Caption the image above you and then post an SFW funny or random image. I'll start. There is no image above me so I'll caption it: "Endless void, so lame". Caption this image:
  4. S

    What does the user above you dream about?

    Whatcha gotta do is say what the Avatar above you frequently dreams about! Lets see how horribly this goes!
  5. ben909


    (Cult of the Party Parrot)
  6. Renyard2001

    Boop the snoot of the fur above you

    Rules of the game are simple: boop the furry above you in the most creative way you can imagine.
  7. ChronoTheFurry

    Last one the post win's (revived?)

    This is a recreation of this thread: forums.furaffinity.net: Last post wins - A plot twist! There is no winner! It is a game where who ever posts last wins! I recreated it because it has begun to slow down and this is an attempt to revive it!
  8. Scrydan

    The Absolute Pointless Adventure of {hero.name} (Temp Onhold)

    "Hello there, {hero.name}! You have traveled far to face against very challenging circumstances. However, today I give onto you, a power so terrible, it may cause those {inter_dimensional_travelers.name} to decide your fate." The strange mysterious figure waves her hands around, hoping to look...
  9. Giana36

    Ask the next user a question game

    Here's how it goes: One user asks a question, and the next user posts an answer to it then that user asks they're own question for a different user to ask, and so on. Being OP and all, I'll start it off. How would you feel if the sequel to Legend of Zelda: BOTW introduces an "anti-Triforce"...
  10. Giana36

    Ask the next person a question game

    In this thread, A poster asks a question, and the next person posts an answer to it then asks a question of their own and so on. Have you ever played a Fallout game from before Bethesda came and bought the rights to the franchise?
  11. Giana36

    50 best/worst *blank*(50th user makes a new topic to best/worst)

    I'll start, being OP and all. 50 Best and worst food&beverage brands 1. BEST: Classico WORST: Cream of wheat
  12. Stray Cat Terry

    The furson above you has been hospitalized, why?

    Meowies, furry fandom families! Terry have came out with a (maybe) new forum game idea! Imagine the furson above you have been hospitalized(period or permanent), but why? You can come out with anything creative or funny, as long as the subject is not offensive and politic, etc. Of course, not...
  13. Stray Cat Terry

    Apocalypse Preparation

    There's going to wage a serious all-out war on the world, and you have only a few times left before the bombardment takes place on your town. So: Option #1: You wanna run away! But you got only 3 stuffs to grab before evacuation, what will you grab? Option #2: You can't, or you just don't...
  14. Nate/Satsuki

    The person above you has purchased one item from the store.

    Basically, just state what this item is. That’s literally it.
  15. Korina

    Ferris Wheel of Doom [Signups Live]

    This is a game that I saw on another forum, and decided to run here. The way how it works is simple, all of you are on a ferris wheel, and whoever is at the top of it, has to make a post within 24hrs, otherwise they die and lose the game. Whenever there's only one person left alive, they win the...
  16. Rap Daniel

    Describe an entire movie in as few words as possible

    I'll start. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Seizure City
  17. Koriekraiz13

    DIDN'T EVEN LIVE THREAD: Roasting the user above you

    It's simple, you got to roast,(Not insult) the user above you, p.s. go easy on the swearing,( didn't say no swearing)
  18. Scrydan

    Balance of Power - Create a Power/Spell/Ability!

    I am still working on some other thread ideas. But I then thought to myself in my last post, "Perhaps we can make a thread creating a power, spell, or ability and having another user balancing that ability." So the rules are simple. This can be similar to "bad genies" but keep in mind one...
  19. workrobloxian

    Give a random food to the person above you.

    Can be any random food, or item. Based off of an old crap post from the Roblox forums.
  20. Pogo

    Heads up (forum variant)

    So normally this game is played in a group where one person picks a card places it on there head and asks questions about the card they got until they guess right. Or time runs out. In this version you pick for your self and everyone else takes a guess. Pretty simple right? Rules: •Pick any...