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forum introduction

  1. DeltaZero88

    Hello, I'm back...

    Hello everybody, it's me Delta, also known as 23R0/Zero. I'm back after a long hiatus. The reason for the hiatus? Well, a lot of personal issues at home and with myself. The whole reason I came here the first time was to find a place I belonged, but growing up has been really difficult for me...
  2. torutheneonfox

    New to the forums, hello!

    Thought I would lurk around and watch a bit before posting. Nice to be here, you all seem super nice! I've been idle so to speak in the fandom and have been looking to be more active, maybe this is the place?
  3. honeymews


    I’m trying my best to get into forum posting since it’s a great way to meet new people, so here’s my little introduction! My name is Maxwell, but I prefer just being called Max! I am a 23 year old who’s been in the fandom since 2011/2012. I'm non-binary agender and my pronouns are they/them. My...
  4. A

    sup guys

    so just yesterday I finally accepted that i'm a furry. ever since i was young i kinda had a thing for anthro characters and kinda had more of an emotional connection to them than with actual humans, but i finally said "screw it, that's just who i am, i don't care what other people think of me."...
  5. Unknownusa

    Well, um, Hello

    So I've been around here for about a week, some people may already know me. But I just wanted to officially say that I'm here and I'm happy I've been welcomed with open arms!!! That's kind of everything I wanted to say, feel free to PM me. Cya around!!
  6. Layla-Nyan

    Hello everyone!

    It's very nice to meet all of you. My name is Hayley, but you can also call me by my username, Layla-Nyan, Layla, or just LN. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable! I'm a 21 year old artist who honestly hasn't been acquainted with anything 'fur' related in quite a long time. I joined the...
  7. FurryComputerNerd


    Howdy! I'm new to this fandom so I thought I'd make an introductory post like others I've seen on here. Recently discovered this fandom a few weeks ago and fell in love with the artwork, particularly of Rick Griffin's and his Housepets! comic Always had certain similar traits growing up (had...
  8. Shiko-chan

    Ciao! ^w^

    Hi! :p My name is Shiko (not really xD), I'm from Italy and I've been in the fandom for quite a while... I like cooking, reading, listening to music, animes, mangas, Japan and other things. I would like to make new friends, and I'm really shy at first... (.///.) Well... Have a good day everyone!