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  1. Plouc the Dragon

    Forum Where Can I Report a User?

    Hiya, Plouc the Dragon again, I just received a sad reaction from a user (I don't f*cking like and seriously cannot mention him in the forum) from my Spyro Reignited related QNA topic. So, I make a report for deletion. So, where can I report a user in the forum?
  2. Olexava

    Is it possible to create an age-gated 18+ section of the forums?

    I just read the post about "How to Properly Handle Adult Content" and it has me wondering if it is possible to make an age-gated section of the forums? I did a search of the forums and it didn't seem like there was a thread asking about this yet. So I thought that I might bring the subject up...
  3. J

    Now that we're back, how did you pass the time?

    Man, it feels like it's been a full year since the FurAffinity forum was taken down for renovations. So much has happened since then (a new console generation began, I got into a couple of new bands, and a found a new hobby in "remastering Dragon Ball Z"). In fact, it was such a long wait that...
  4. Sinamuna

    Forum under endless maintanance on pc but not my phone??

    I haven't been able to access FA Forums for nearly an entire year because when I go to it on my computer it says it's under maintenance. Every. Time. Decided to try it on my phone this morning and no issues.what the actual frick is going on? :(
  5. Qualms

    ISO Beastar's Style RP

    Hi all. I'm really enjoying the Beastars manga, and I would love to know if there are any dedicated communities out there that are doing RPs within the world of Beastars. I find myself trying to imagine how my fursona or any of my OCs might fit into that kind of world. I like the main...
  6. Guifrog

    FAF Highlights

    Memes, trends, public RPs, quotes, games, threads! Share your stories about remarkable moments in the forums that made this place shine :3 I have quite a bunch of memories, it's hard to pick one to introduce the thread... but I think this one is enough a unanimity: I mean. How many...
  7. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Forum Site Connection Issues May 2019

    I've noticed the site keeps cutting out now and again recently. Anyone else noticing this issue?
  8. ReeseCapeesh

    Forum How do i post visible images in my forum posts? PC and mobile

    I tried to make a sketchbook post but the magic of it isnt there unless you can just look at the pictures without clicking a link. ;w; halp plz. i tried uploading to flickr but it was just an icon that showed up. albeit, that was on my phone so i have to try on my PC. see, it doesnt work. i...
  9. Technophiliah

    Hey, new artist starting out!

    I'm Techno! I've just started out on Fur Affinity a few months ago and just joined the forums now. I'm a easy person to get along with and really love helping others as much as I can. Art is a big thing for me and am constantly working to getting better with it. I have a few pieces on my profile...
  10. Deathless


    It's been killing me to ask this without sounding like a needy 10 year old but is there a way to become a staff member on this server? I am not asking for myself, I've just been wondering lately whether it's possible or not. Like, was it ever considered to have staff applications open or is the...
  11. KatsuOurSaviour

    Help main site commission information!

    I am new to furafinity ( and the forums ) and I can’t seem to understand the “commission information” page. I decided I was finally going to open commissions, but nothing shows up. I updated by status to open commissions but nothing changes. All that is stated is “Click here to edit commission...
  12. Narri

    Make a pun out of the user above you

    Exactly as it sounds 3,2,1, PUNS!!!!
  13. I

    What If Furries Ever Became Mainstream?

    I've been pondering this question in my mind for a while and I think it's a possibility. Imagine furry ads on cable TV and on YouTube before the videos played. Imagine going to the mall and finding a clothing store specifically catering to furries. Furry action figures of our popular furry...
  14. S

    Rookie FAer Seeking Guidance

    Hello, everyone! While I've been a member of the main FA site for about a year now, I haven't been on the forum part of it. However, I've recently considered getting a life-size plush done, but have a question to ask regarding a certain... feature I'm planning to include and am uncertain as to...
  15. Austin Silver

    Let's write a story!!!

    Okay. Let's write a story that anyone can add to. There are, however, a few minor rules. It must flow. We will be writing in first person present tense (with the exception of frame narratives). Also, if you're not going to write more than a paragraph, don't write at all. Remember, a...
  16. CyberMark

    Suggestions: Small Things that make a great Difference

    I have been enjoying FA (an Im using the new theme template) for quiet a while but there are a few implementations that I think would make the experience so much better. Please have in mind that I am no mod, or a programmer, and I am totally not qualified to make accurate propositions and that...
  17. Benthehornyhyena

    [shy voice] Hello !...

    Hi ! I'm new on the forum. I've been a member of FA for soon one year now, but I realized I never made a Forum account. Well, hoping I will get used to it^^'
  18. B

    What does FAF mean to you?

    So my activity had dwindled here recently, The reason for that is honestly because I've found a better way of communicating to furries in a more convenient way for me. I now interact with the fandom using Discord now and it's been so much more suitable for my needs. I probably won't leave here...
  19. scythemouse

    Art Sales Sub-Forum Needs Better Moderation

    It's getting worse, all you have to do is look at the state of the Art Sales and Auctions forum right now. Currently, it's just one person dragging up two or three year old threads, but this kind of thing happens all the time. I don't reply to a Hiring thread unless it was made at least a...
  20. Angellothefox

    Fur Affinity Forums Where do I find the option to join or create a group?

    I was wondering since FA forums had this a long time ago where can I go to join or create a group? Is there something I have to click in order to get there? Can someone please help me out?