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  1. Horatio Husky

    Question: Any good alternative furry forum websites?

    Looking for recommendations here, links preferred! <3
  2. FR0ST81T3

    Are the...

    Are the eevees taking over forums now? xD Just noticed how many of my fellow friends have an eevee as their profile pic, and then there's some other users too. When do we become Pokemon trainers and start catching them all? :3 I want a full team of eeveelutions!
  3. B

    Other furry forums/chat sites?

    I like this forum a lot, but I'm curious about other active sites that are lesser-known. I already use Amino and Discord. I'm specifically looking for furry websites, and not exclusively art-related ones either. Are there any that aren't dead? I hope this was the right board to ask. Lol
  4. Scrydan

    Scryboard (Site System) - Looking CSS/site designers

    There's a little bit of back story that can be mentioned, but I'll just cut to the chase of what I am looking for and what can this system do. (Also name is pending/temp. I haven't really bothered with the newer version's name of old software I used to make and won't use the old name.) First...
  5. Moar Krabs

    Give a different Fursona to the person above you

    As the title says, give a different Fursona to the person above you.
  6. Donkie

    Add a most recent topic listings on top of showing the most recent posts

    This would help reduce the bloat of as people call them "bait" threads because it would give you a lot more recent topics to choose from then just the most recent comments on the sight. Also it would be a nice addition to make people experience more of the Forum as there are so manny subforms...
  7. I

    We Need Another Moderator

    We have had some very serious issues on this forum that went unattended for far too long. We have had dumpster fires, bullying, leaking private information, blackmail, and around the clock political discourse. We have reported issues countless times with little to no feedback, and zero action...
  8. I

    Forums or websites that aren't ancient?

    I'm very picky when it comes to browsing the internet, and I've always wanted to be a part of something recent or new. For example, i feel kinda out of place and noobish on a site like this when i see people that registered in 2008. So basically, recommend some fresh sites/forums.
  9. J

    Block Thread but not User

    Wouldn't it be good and prudent to add a feature to block an 'undesirable' thread without blocking the post-er? I for one had seen a few threads worth blocking but i dont wanna block the user himself. I believe this would be a viable option to eliminate a rather frustrating compromise between...
  10. Moar Krabs

    A shitpost forum

    A place where people can post memes and nonsensical shit. I would love that tbh.
  11. Benthehornyhyena

    A little piece of advice please ?

    Hello. I have a question about the Entertainment Talk section. If we want to make a thread that talks about a video game but ALSO a tv show, where do we post it ? Tv shows and Movies, or Video Games ? Thank you in advance.
  12. Illsent

    Couple questions about a story I want to make

    No, this isn't asking for critiques, so I shouldn't post this in the tutorial/critiques forum (or maybe I should... I don't think so though), rather, I would like some of my questions answered on how to post certain stories to FA/FAF. I want to create a story that everyone can read, but I also...
  13. gypss

    Hello ~

    I have been wanting to join more art sites since DA began to go down hill a little in terms of interaction, I didn't really see myself joining FA for a long time cos it's gained somewhat of a reputation and I don't draw much anthro, but I figured, I can do anthro and I enjoy drawing animals so I...
  14. sarnarus

    Spam Bots?

    I've been away for a bit, what the hell are these weird ass korean spam bots? im not entirely sure if this is the right section to post about this but can someone explain whats going on? is anything being done? or are we just at their mercy, there might even be a thread about this exact thing...
  15. SniperCoon2882

    (Please see reply restrictions that apply here.) Question

    After replying to many threads and being an active member on the site, I was rather confused to see this pop up in the place where one normally replies to threads of various kinds. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, which is why I posted it here, seeing as I've seen a thread detailing a...
  16. Angellothefox

    Should I join a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl site

    Should I join a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl site? Lets face it I have been in your faces asking you or telling you babyfur or diaperfur stuff and some of you do not like it. So I ask this big question So should I join ADISC or Babyfur me or UKbabyfur since I do live in the UK. I also will tell...
  17. Angellothefox

    Fur Affinity Forums Where do I find the option to join or create a group?

    I was wondering since FA forums had this a long time ago where can I go to join or create a group? Is there something I have to click in order to get there? Can someone please help me out?