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fox art painting digtal

  1. Dragon-firy

    Sketchbook: Firy's artworks

    *Nervous inhale* (this post has been sitting for days) So.. Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm having the guts to finally publish some of my artworks, aimed to improve my skills, get advice (if you have any, of course :3) and in general work towards my goals to become a full time artist, making...
  2. nalinaexe

    (Commission) Selling: ($7-$50) Commissions now open!

    Commissions now open! Decided to open commissions! The prices are as follows: Headshot: $7 Bust: $12 Half body: $15 Full body: $20 - All come fully colored and shaded!- Reference sheets: $50 Includes: Front view; Back view; 1 outfit; 3 trivia ; closer details (piercings, tattoos, scars, etc.)...
  3. ArcFox

    Rate My Art

    Hello I new on this forum What you think of my art