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  1. poqqi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Fox and Doberman Design Adopt for Sale

    FurAffinity Adopt These two are up for sale over on my Fur Affinity ! Both can be bought for 200$ - negotiable, USD only! + both come with a headshot by me if purchased! I'm new to FurAffinity, so I'm using this to hopefully let this gain some traction <3
  2. Guifrog

    Ssaannttoo's rising

    I'm sure you all have noticed by now. The forums have been overtaken by this powerful, lighthearted entity in the shape of a foxaroo that goes by the name of Santo. As discussed by our furry scientists on this thread, many theories could explain the phenomenon. They alledge that he's a...
  3. Disotter

    (Commission) Selling: Cute Chibi Sona Commissions! (3 slots available)

    Hi there! I'm Disotter, your local clumsy otter >///< I have 3 slots available for chibi commissions of your sona! <3 (or any other character you'd like me to draw) Here are some examples of what I'm offering: Price range starting at $50 for full body full color <3 (Payments via PayPal...
  4. PsychedelicRobinHood

    Hey I am a fox and I really love motorcycles

    I like to say I am a pretty much a psychedelic fox I will be getting artwork done of him soon and I really enjoy motorcycles i love to ride them I love the sound of the engine going rawr I hope to meet some really nice people up here I have to say though a thing about me is that when I ride a...
  5. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone interested in drawing this fluffy little fox?

    Just looking for some cute artwork, nothing too specific, just be creative! I'd love to see what you come up with for them! Thank you! ♡
  6. Monosuki the Aurian

    More on Aurians and Monosuki

    Heya folks! I was wondering something. For those that may know the anime Fairy Tail, I have a sona who is a small blue cat, (colors will be revised soon) who looks awful close to happy. Just take my PFP for example. He's around three feet tall, is supposed to have cartoonish white and black...
  7. Nacht.Wolf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cute little fox adopts! 2/2 Open $10

    Two little cute foxes are looking for a new home! Flatsale - Paypal (Design only) - $10.00 each +$25.00 rendered simple chibi - example: https://sta.sh/01izdo9shmjm (you don't get this one, this is personal art and just an example of the add on commission style) (Other commission options are...
  8. CommissionsNOW

    Thinking of creating my first Fursona. Thoughts?

    Hello, I've been thinking of making a sona for myself called Snow. They'll be white with a very pale accent color like blue or gray for example. It's my first time making one for myself. Since I don't really have a sense of self and have Aphantasia I'm looking for some input. How do you guys...
  9. Faustus

    [WIP] Fox 3D render

    Thought I'd drop this WIP model in here to show what I've been up to for what feels like months now! It's still in a fairly early stage, but at least I put some boxers on him to protect his modesty! At the moment I'm working on rigging the skeleton so he's still in a very stiff default pose...
  10. Renneon

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Cyberpunk gang fight YCH (30-40$)

    Hello ♫ I'm opening a cyberpunk themed YCH with 4 slots ! Since i have some spare time to draw, i would be able to complete it pretty quickly, so it's the perfect time to post it here ! (Fa post with full size image here) • This piece will be fully shaded, with a background + an alternate...
  11. Kit the fox

    Being therian..

    Bruh I just purred.. I'm not even kidding.. I did it without even know it... Do foxes pur..? But, like just today my mom told me to do the laundry and I whined like a dog subconsciously then I turned it into a tune because I didn't want my parents to know I'm a furry (or a therian). It's its...
  12. Jessalia

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cleaning house sale on current adopts!

    Its coming to the end of the year and I'd like to clean out my unsold adopts!! 1. Half Goblin one (open) = $3 2. Half Goblin two (open) = $3 3. Half demon (open) = $4 4. Saytr (open) = $4 5. Fox one = $2 6. Fox two = $2 7. Fox three = $2 8. Halloween custom pack 1 = $15 9. Halloween custom pack...
  13. Axel Lionhart

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions OPEN

    Commissions always open. Commission form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GdInRKtJgvKokYx74ekVqF6LrnRXako2GkqTGqqbpgw/edit… Furaffinity: https://furaffinity.net/user/axellionhart/… Trello: https://trello.com/b/UkgJArPZ/axellionhart-commissions-2020… Portifolio: https://artstation.com/alexsevero...
  14. CloverKitsu

    Request: Hiya! Anyone interested in drawing my character?

    I made this fluffy boi on picrew. He's a bit lazy but also a kindhearted fox. He likes: Anime/manga, relaxing, taking long naps and eating yummy foods. Feel free to draw him, thanks in advance!
  15. dahbastard

    City in a cavern

    Hello, I recently finished this piece, and though (as always) it can be improved, I am pretty pleased with how it turned out, so I am leaving it here. Feel free to post your own art, and (time permitting), I will take a look. Thank you!
  16. reid minnich

    Furry Detective Noir Series

    PC Hatter's new 13 book furry detective series is available on Amazon. These are parodies of the famous Mike Hammer series of the 1950's turned furry. A new novella comes out each month. Check out the Kaiser Wrench series on Amazon
  17. R

    Vioko Moonlight, the Demon BloodFox

    Okie then. I like all these ideas about sonas and such. and I never realized that I never publicly showed my sona! So, here's to that. Name: Vioko Moonlight Age: Twenty Two Gender: Male Species: Bloodfox (Custom Species) Abilities: Many, will be named in the bio. Aliases: The Demonic...
  18. Renyard2001

    I'm bored, ask me anything - Reynard edition

    I'm bored as a derelict car sitting in a garage so if you have anything to ask, and I mean anything, feel free to post below. This does mean NSFW is allowed
  19. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: OPEN Anthro Adopts (€17)

    Price: €17 each FurAffinity link: www.furaffinity.net: Anthro Adopts [ 3/3 OPEN ] by OstrichAdopts
  20. Megina

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Star Fox Adopt (Open) 25$

    Adopt For Sale (Link To The FA Page) I hope I am doing this right? Still new ;v;/ Anyways... I have an adopt for sale! Chibi Fox with a Pastel Star Theme :p My preferred price is 25$ but I am not sure if that is asking too much? If you are interested, but have a different cash offer, please...