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  1. Ravofox

    Save 20th Century Fox!!

    NEWSFLASH!! Disney, growing increasingly wary of the domination of foxes in their animated films, have decided to erase the 'Fox' out of '20th Century Fox', which they recently acquired! They're jealous of the success and stardom their fox characters have acquired. After all, everyone knows...
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    The Vulpine Aristocracy Discord Server

    I convinced a friend to create a Discord server for foxes. If you're a foxy fur and you want to seek out or strengthen comradery with other foxies, join this server. Each member gets a free t-shirt! (Not really :p ) Remember, though, this server is just for foxes. UPDATE: We've decided to...
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Exactly How Canine Are Foxes Supposed To Be?

    Just something I'm curious about. Foxes are canids, but they're further removed from dogs, wolves and coyotes. So, how much like dogs do foxes act like? Because, uh, my sona pretty much acts like a dog, and I don't know if that's accurate or not. XD
  4. FluffyShutterbug

    Are Foxes The "Dumb Blondes" Of The Fandom?

    I remember in my early days of the fandom, before joining FA, I was an avid reader on WikiFur, and according to them, foxes are apparently the "dumb blonde" species. Is that really true? Do furs actually make Vixen Jokes instead of Blonde Jokes? owo
  5. Simo

    Footwear for Foxes: Poll

    What kind of footwear best suits foxes? Many just go about bare-pawed; others prance about in pointy genie slippers; others sport sneakers. @Ravofox has extolled the virtues of both Ugg Boots (proud product of his native land) and Crocs; that perfect summer shoe. So vote on and share your...
  6. FluffyShutterbug

    Foxes of FA

    I dunno? I just wanted to know how many other fellow foxies were around these parts. owo
  7. Simo

    Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age

    I found these stories quite interesting, that I've seen in the past few weeks. And to think of how hard it is to 'domesticate' the foxes on this forum :p www.sciencedaily.com: Foxes were domesticated by humans in the Bronze Age www.thevintagenews.com: New Evidence Reveals Bronze Age Humans...
  8. Orcashia

    videos on YT on how I make my sculptures

    Furry and non-furry videos. Videos of nature and newer videos of how I created my sculptures of non and non-furry creations. I actually joined YT in 2011 and uploaded 7 videos. One was from my best friend about electronics, he is a 'genius' at creating things electronically. The other videos...
  9. Simo

    Most Mischievous Type of Fox

    The fandom is filled with foxes, of various types, as anyone outside of the fandom taking even a preliminary peek would immediately see. And, there are numerous species of foxes. Which of these main types do you find the most mischievous, bratty and/or sneaky? :P I'm gonna limit it to the 4...
  10. creepyeevee

    Commissions starting at $5

    Prices: Shaded headshot/bust: $5.00 can be transparent shaded fullbody: $8.00 can be transparent or with a simple bg Shaded fullbody with complex background: $15.00 (extra characters $2.00) --------- Once you order a commission I will show you a sketch, you can change anything at that...
  11. ChyenHyena

    Give an Adopt Get an Adopt! Closed For Now! - (0/3)

    Update! Thanks to @Grimm Hund's kindness, the last adopt is free for the first person to comment below! You got an old adopt you wanna get rid of but have no idea how? Well good news I'll take your unwanted children in exchange for new ones! There are no Adopts right now! Come back later...
  12. Izzy4895

    General Fox Activity

    We can use this thread to document fox activity. :p Fox steals newspaper at P.E.I. school | CBC News
  13. Simo

    Some Moron is a Fox

    Well, it has come to the attention of the forum that the user, @Some Moron , previously claiming to not actually be an orange rectangle, is in fact a furry. And, it appears, he is a fox! Thus let us again vote!
  14. Guifrog

    Foxes vs. Skunks

    I'm a bit scared this might trigger a fight between species, but now I got curious. T_T So what's with the rivalry?
  15. Simo

    Should foxes be illegal?

    Noted for naughtiness; marveled at for mischief; the very token of trouble and trickery and the sultans of sass: should foxes be illegal? I say no, but with certain conditions :V After all, there's nothing more fun, than a frolicsome fox on a rampage of mischief and glee, to warm the heart of...
  16. Simo

    We know what the fox says, but you don't know how bad he smells...

    Ah, saw this, and had to post it! :P "Like skunks, foxes secrete a smelly odor from scent glands. But foxes don’t use it as a weapon. They wear their smell to distinguish themselves, more like a bad perfume than a stink bomb!": blog.wildfloridairboats.com: We know what the fox says, but you...
  17. Plonars

    Commissions Open: Bust's only

    Welcome! ====================== Links to my FA and DA Artwork Gallery for Plonar -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Plonar's DeviantArt Gallery I draw: Dragons, animal like demons, anthros, feral wolves, feral foxes, coyotes ect... I do not draw: Felines(but I can try), NSFW, SFW, humans, and...
  18. Ninapaw

    Foxes Adoptables open

    Hello check this out :3 SB 15$ each one www.furaffinity.net: FOXES / ADOPTABLES OPEN by Ninapaw
  19. Cercis Lycalopex


    For a complete look at my body of work: Artwork Gallery for MelbourneHusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Art Info (ignore prices): Commission Info for MelbourneHusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You may request through here, on my FA notes or through email!! Be sure to give me a ref or as detailed as...
  20. Cercis Lycalopex


    For a complete look at my body of work: Artwork Gallery for MelbourneHusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Pricing: Commission Info for MelbourneHusky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You may request through here, on my FA notes or through email!! Be sure to give me a ref or as detailed as a description as...