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  1. FluffyShutterbug

    The Vulpine Aristocracy Discord Server

    I convinced a friend to create a Discord server for foxes. If you're a foxy fur and you want to seek out or strengthen comradery with other foxies, join this server. Each member gets a free t-shirt! (Not really :p ) Remember, though, this server is just for foxes. UPDATE: We've decided to...
  2. Tunaboy

    Five Nights At Freddy's Foxy Suit and Crabdad from Homestuck Suit for Sale!

    $400 for Crabdad $600 for Foxy Here is my description for Crabdad: Now I spent a lot of effort and time on this guy, and this is not the most flattering picture of him, since it was actually after a long day at a convention many years ago, but I am indeed selling my Crabdad suit from homestuck...
  3. Candy Corn

    I really need help.

    Candy Corn is rollin in! I live in Boise, ID, but there arent many Furries around here... not to mention conventions. Do any of you live in Idaho? I need friends... especially fellow furries.