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  1. catterall

    Looking for furs to play fps' with :D

    I'm a west coast gamer with a ton of free time on their hands (paws? =w=) and I'm looking for people I can add to steam and game with! I specifically play a ton of Halo and CS:GO. Playing solo looking for people has been taking forever, so I'm posting here to see if I can make some friends to...
  2. Wolf-Snipe

    Looking for UT 2k4 players

    Hi everyone, few days ago i bought myself Unreal Tournament 2004 on Steam and i kinda wish to play with some furs(especially duels but i'm keen for some team modes too). If someone is interested send PM, when i'll eventually give link for Steam or Discord Tag.
  3. depthjacks

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3?

    stupid message system asking to be filled...
  4. Wolf-Snipe

    Any fur here play Xonotic?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking for some furs to play Xonotic(open-source, quake-style FPS) from EU. I play only duels, so if someone interested send PM on FA[i doubt you'll have any problem with finding me there ;) ]
  5. M

    Are you good at playing an FPS with a controller?

    Personally, I'm absolutely terrible with using a controller because of how much there is to using it, especially when it comes to aiming with the right thumbstick. But playing the AI training mode on Overwatch is helping me practice a little.
  6. RinkuTheRuffian

    Did anybody play Turock/Turock 2 back in the day?

    Good-ass games back in the N64 era of exploration-based 3D FPS games. With the company Night Dive releasing a Steam port of Turock and working on Turock 2 currently, thought it'd be a good time to make these games relevant again.
  7. Faunosaurus


    Just bought it, and I'm having a blast. Any of your guys thoughts on the game so far? P.S. - Don't answer saying you don't have it or how much you want it. That isn't what this thread is about :P