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free art requests

  1. A

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades and requests NSFW and SFW both welcome

    Im looking to expand my portfolio to take commissions very soon! Please allow me to draw your beautiful characters :3 (sorry if I dont reply, it means Im not interested ^^") I need money to move out of my parents house and get my ear checked with a specialized dr (it doesnt let me sleep...
  2. 2DFIEND

    FREE ART!!! [on hold]

    chibis are so great to make... here's an example of one i just made comment below with a ref of your character!!! i can do ferals AND anthros, anything tbh but nsfw furaffinity: Userpage of ceIine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net deviantart: ceIine on DeviantArt
  3. T

    Looking to practice!

    I need some volunteers to help me fill my gallery. :3 If you're interested in letting me draw your character for free please comment on my requests journal: www.furaffinity.net: Request Info -- teafueled's Journal If you're interested in doing some art trades instead please PM me on...
  4. S

    Weapon manufacturer "Red Alert" now available !

    Hey folks, have you ever wanted to break everyone's business in games and RPs alike (or break the games and RPs themselves) when you get decent weapons cheaper than you'd pay for a single bottle of health potion, along with free repair ? No ! Yes ? Fuck that ! Then you've come to the right...
  5. CosmicNymph

    ♥ Free Character Sketches ♥ CLOSED

    I'm looking to draw some more so that I can begin filling my FA account up with artwork, but I'm having a bit of art block right now... So I thought it would be fun to draw some of your characters! I'm open to anything, just please provide a reference in your comment! (( Also please no NSFW...
  6. T

    Your refs, My art :)

    Hi! :3 I'm eager to fill my gallery and I need some subject matter. On those days when I don't have a particular idea in mind, I thought it might be handy to have a running list of refs of those interested in my art. Ready to take a gamble? Sign up on my journal! www.furaffinity.net: Request...
  7. Bigbrownorc

    Doing FREE requests!

    Heya! So it's summer time and that means lots of spare time. Time for drawing some NSFW art! So do you have a male character you want to have drawn nude or porn of? Just send me a message on either here or anywhere else where you can find me and i'll see what i can do! Do send a reference with...
  8. CrownOfRed

    <---- That thing

    Hello! I need to practice, so I'll be making some free art! It might be a headshot, or a fullbody if I really like it, or a chibi, or a... Anyway, there are only a few restrictions! No NSFW, okay there was only one. Offer away! I don't care how many people post here.
  9. B

    Free requests! [CLOSED TILL MID APRIL]

    i'm closing requests for now! thank you everyone who has requested so far!!! you can see all the requests i've worked on {here} this thread will most likely be closed until mid april i'll be focusing on trying to create more finished work until then Please consider commissioning me if you...
  10. WolfyJake

    New guy looking for fursona art

    Hey there! I'm still kinda new to this forum but I've really enjoyed my time here so far (I'm on here for about 2 weeks now). I was wondering if there would be some artists that want to try and take on the beast that is Jake Wolfe. I made a simple nsfw ref sheet by tooling around in fursona...
  11. ruruscube

    Taking OC Requests (nsfw optional)

    Hey I'm new to furry/animal art in general but I'm tryin to practice and get better at it! If you have a female furr OC and want me to do sketches of her for practice please leave a link to the reference and your furaffinity account below ♥ You can state if you'd like it to be nsfw or not too...
  12. RainbowFinch

    Taking Requests (Closed)

    Looking for some Practice and break art block (feelings I am in), so post your character below with any information you wish me to know. I will draw Anthro or Feral, no humans at this time. Going to close this down at 10 pm (EST) and do the ones I want tomorrow. Will reopen after I draw the...